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2 New Flavors of Jack ‘n Jill Chippy Twisters

By Posted on 1 m read

We might have been used to the Jack n’ Jill Chippy for so long, but this time around, it is a bit “twisted.”

The new Jack n ‘ Jill Chippy Twisters is a novelty by itself with its twisted appearance. Though available in a limited time only, the Chippy Twisters has the same excited taste of the good old Chippy.

Jack n Jill Chippy Twisters 3


Chippy Twisters comes in two new flavours.  The Taco and Spice variant is perfect for those with a palate for snacks with a kick of spice; while its Cheese and Lemon is best for those who crave for a unique flavour to tickle their taste buds.

I personally liked the Taco and Spice on first taste. But the Cheese and Lemon has its own twist that makes it interesting to munch.

Jack n Jill Chippy Twisters 8

So, whether you’re sharing crazy laughter over a silly movie or on the road to your next big adventure, fun times with buddies are best complemented by Chippy Twisters.

Don’t let the gang miss this limited offering from Jack ‘n Jill. For only P21.90 (SRP), this go-to barkada treat is exclusively sold in Robinsons Supermarkets, SM Supermarkets, Puregold, Ministop and Family Mart for a limited time only.

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