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5 Things You Need to Know About Glutathione

By Posted on 3 m read

There is no denying the popularity and the abundance of glutathione products in the market today. But before using glutathione for yourself, let this article guide you on what to know about and what to expect from glutathione.

What is Glutathione?

There’s no denying that the most popular usage nowadays of glutathione is for whitening the skin. Many Filipinos, who are generally brown, who want to lighten their skin use glutathione to have fairer skin.

Snow Caps Glutathione 2

Glutathione is actually a antioxidant present in our body. It is produced by our liver naturally.

In scientific terms, glutathione is composed of three protein building blocks or amino acids- cysteine, glutamine and glycine. Glutathione is also present in meat, vegetable and fruits.

What does L-Glutathione or Reduced Glutathione mean? 

L-Glutathione or Reduced Glutathione is an oxidized form of glutathione, thus more easily absorbed by the body. Unreduced form of glutathione is unstable.

More than 90% of glutathione present in our body are in reduced form. That’s why what you normally see in stores are reduced or l-glutathione.

If you check the back label of the glutathione supplements in the market, you will see it says the L-glutathione reduced.

Snow Caps Glutathione Label

What does Glutathione supplements do for the body? 

Aside from what’s popularly known in the Philippines as effect of glutathione, which to lighten the skin, glutathione helps boost the immune system of the body. It is also used medically in treating:

  • cataracts and glaucoma
  • alcoholism
  • asthma
  • cancer
  • heart disease (atherosclerosis and high cholesterol)
  • hepatitis
  • liver disease
  • diseases that weaken the body’s defense system (including AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease
  • osteoarthritis
  • Parkinson’s disease

And since glutathione is an antioxidant, it helps reduce cell deterioration due to free radicals.

How do I get glutathione?

Glutathione is present in meat, vegetable and fruits and is also produced by the liver. But to get a bigger boost on glutathione, medical people suggest taking in supplements. Plus, to get more out of the glutathione, one has to take vitamin C for better absorption of the body.

Snow Caps Glutathione 1

For those available in the market, glutathione are in different forms, some are the intravenous or injection forms and others are in oral form.

One product available locally that can be taken orally, is the Snow Caps. Each SnowCaps is a composed of 500mg Premium Glutathione with 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100mg Non Acidic Vitamin C. Each box with 30 capsules (good for 30 days) cost at Php 1,495

It is best to take the glutathione capsule in the morning to get the most out of the product’s potency.

Snow Caps Glutathione 1

How long until glutathione make a visible effect on skin?

People who are concerned more about the the skin lightening benefit of glutathione ask this question a lot. But findings show that the actual effect on the skin depend on the body of the person. Different people have different skin color, metabolism and other factors to consider.

But in most cases, between one to three months, there would be noticeable effect on the skin, based on users’ testimonials.

For those concern about skin whitening, the Vida Nutriscience Inc., the producer of Snow Caps Glutathione, has Snow Skin Whitening Soap to partner with the Snow Caps Glutathione. It has 7 plant extracts from Swiss Alps that promote whitening of the skin. It is available in local stores for Php 149.00 per piece of their 135 g soap bar.

Snow Skin Whitening Soap

For free shipping nationwide of Snow Cap Glutathione and Snow soap (Snow Soap min order of 3 pcs/Snowcaps min of 1 box), you may Call (632) 927-9227 or text 0998-994-8888.

For further details and further product knowledge you may contact the Snow Cap Facebook page.

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