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8 Great Reasons Why Traveling is Good for You

By Posted on 4 m read

If you have so many reasons not to travel, due to work, business or other sorts of things, let me give you 8 reasons why you should.

Traveling need not to be expensive. Whether it is local, international or just going to a nearby place that you haven’t been to, it is best to take that trip once in a while.

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1. Shortens the Learning Curve

Books are great learning materials. No doubt about it. But some things are best experiencing.

Traveling gives you that kind of learning – an actual one. What you see over the internet, books, TV, of great places, events is nothing compared to actually being there.

“It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.” Mikail Gorbachev Click To Tweet

2. Meet New People and Friends

Whether you believe it or not, traveling can make you meet new friends – that is of course, if you know how to be one. Going to a new place makes you meet new people – whether their tourists like you or locals of the place. There is never a dull moment in traveling to say “Hi!” and learn about others.

3. Gives You Fresh Perspective

Wandering off to a new place makes you wonder about things. The new things you see, try or experience trigger your mind to think differently than what you used to. Given the different environment, your mind jumps into a new mode, giving you new outlook on things.

“The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page.” St. Augustine Click To Tweet

4. Quick Reset Button

Yes, we are no computers or smartphones that whenever it does not function correctly, you can easily reset it to a better state. We may not completely do that, but somehow, traveling eases some pressure off (specially leisure trips) our shoulders as we experience new things. Being out of office, home or wherever place that gives us much pressure, gives us a sort-of breather.

If there is any consolation of the expense, and one of the main reasons to travel, is to take a rest from all the usual things you do.

5. Makes Appreciation Easier

Going on trips to a new place gives you new perspective and makes you appreciate things more easily. Whether you’re going to a beautiful nature trip like Palawan, or to a slum area with very people, it makes you appreciate your life, your situation and your environment even better.

6. Gives Lasting Good Memories

How do you store good memories? Make one!

New experiences… new memories to make. It is best of course if you have someone with you to take the whole new things. Also, leisure traveling gives you a nice backdrop for your photos to capture and share to people you know.

7. Learn New Things About Yourself… Others

From the planning to way back of your trip, you learn a lot of yourself when you travel. Like how you plan your trip, being independent, communicating to others, patience in traveling, handling unforeseen situations, etc. making that trip in an unseen place elevates yourself to a whole new level of being you.

Plus, of course, being with people on a trip, gives you a chance to know them more – the better and worse side of them. Lol.

Sharing those special moments on a trip seeing new things, experiencing new adventures create that special space in your hearts and minds that the only you two (or more) can share.

No amount of money can ever replace the moment being together on an adventure. Click To Tweet

That’s why, as for me, I make sure that I tag along the special people in life in some of my trips. The time spent on a trip together can outlast and outweigh any gadget or any amount of money that you think you can give the special people in your life.

That’s why I tell my friends that it is best to take that trip with their family, friends and loved ones because those memories that you make is worth keeping your whole lifetime.

So, I hope you can tag your special someone, loved ones and friends about this post, so they can understand on how you need to spend time together on a new adventure. You can always save and recover money to spend for a trip, but you cannot get back the time lost on what could be a great experience on your next journey.

8. Humbles You

As for me, being in a new place with great scenery makes me appreciate God’s goodness and wisdom of His creation. There is that kind of feeling that makes me awe on His creation. No man or computer can better recreate His wonders.

Meeting new people, of different statures in life, also keeps me in-check that the so big, that makes me think that life is not just about me.

Sometimes, people tend to be full of themselves. Making their heads bigger than the world. In reality, we are all just but a tiny creation in a big world, in a big plan by a big God. We can only be grateful that in a short span of time we have on earth, that we are given this chance.

So whatever small part we have, in a big plan, let us all make it count.

Let me know what other great things that traveling can do for you. I am sure there are other good reasons that I may have overlooked.

Just add it on your comment below.

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