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9 Cool Things About Staying in Azalea Residences Boracay

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Azalea, in the Philippine hotel industry, is known for its cozy and luxurious appeal – popularized by its service hotel and residences in Baguio City.

But now that they opened their doors in Aklan, how is it different from the Azalea in Baguio or to any hotels in the area?

Well, let me breakdown some of the things I noticed while I was in Azalea Residences Boracay for three days

Azalea Residences Boracay

1. Spacious Suites and Rooms

One thing I love about Azalea Residences, be it in Baguio or now, in Boracay, is their spacious suites and rooms. There is ample space to roam around – whether it be the deluxe rooms or the apartment suites.

Each room or suite equipped with LED TV, kitchen appliances, couches plus tables and chairs for dining.

Azalea Residences Boracay Rooms 16

Room or Suite Type Super Peak Season
Holidays and Long Weekends
Peak Season
March to November
Regular Season
May to June
July to October
Deluxe Hotel Rooms P 11,000 P 9,500 P 8,500 P 7,500
One Bedroom Apartment Suites P 12,000 P 10,500 P 9,500 P 8,500
Two Bedroom Apartment Suites P 18,500 P 17,000 P 16,000 P 15,000
Three Bedroom Apartment Suites P 23,500 P 22,000 P 21,000 P 20,000

Don’t expect any bathtub in Azalea Residences, but the simple, yet sophisticated bathroom is more than enough for any guest would ask for.

Each room exudes effortless elegance.

2. Comfortable Beds

Azalea Residences Boracay Rooms 26

Of course, on top of the comfortable room – is the bed. I consider the Azalea Residences’ bed to be one of the most relaxing bed I slept on. It is not too soft and too firm. Just right for my back to be comfortable yet not too slouchy for my posture while lying down.

It is so inviting to tuck in under the sheets. 🙂

3. Interior Design

Though the Azalea Boracay may not have the Azalea Baguio’s egg chair, which is one of my favorites in Baguio, their Aklan-based residence still has the design that is a looker, especially for first-time guests.

Upon entering Azalea Boracay, it is very noticeable how very “active” the colors of the hotel is. Compared to its Baguio counterpart, the Azalea Boracay is designed with a more outgoing theme – much so – in line with the location – near the beach.

Azalea Residences Boracay 2

The lobby itself used livelier colors.

What’s cool about the Azalea Boracay lobby is that the concierge is set-up individually into sections – each equipped with computer to fully assist any walk-in or reserved guests.

The walls are decorated with somewhat inspired by seashells put together in a tubal design. Each wall is also equipped with electronic indicator of the request of the guest (Room Cleaning – Do Not Disturb).

4. Good Location

The Azalea Residences Boracay is located at Station 2. It is not at the beach front, but it is just a few minutes away from the beach. The location offers access to the main road that is the gateway to many stores, restaurants, bars and other places like D’Mall. It is also just a few meters walk to the beach front of Station 2.

Azalea Boracay 3

5. Hot Choco no more, but…

One of the things I like the most about Azalea Baguio is their Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food‘s hot choco. Sadly, in Azalea Boracay, there is none.

But, there are lots of other choices of food in Kuya J’s Restaurant inside Azalea Boracay.

Kuya J Restaurant Azalea Boracay 4

6. Amenities

Azalea Boracay has kiddie and adult pool, though as of October, when I was, the pools were still under construction. Among the amenities of staying in Azalea, the coolest and probably the most useful for any guest, would be being able to cook your own food.

Staying in Boracay has its benefits – especially if you like seafoods, then, staying in this island can be a paradise for you. It is easy to buy any type of seafood and cook it right at your own room or suite.

Like what we did.

Azalea Residences Boracay 29

Azalea Residences Boracay 34

7. Outdoor Adventure

Since Azalea Boracay is situated conveniently of the island, it is easy to go out and have any adventure you’d wish to do in Boracay. Whether it is trying the aqua sports, sight-seeing, or even food tripping, it is just a ride away from Azalea.

Here are some of the pre-arranged activities that I did while staying in Azalea Residences Boracay.

  • 360 degree view of the highest peak in Boracay at Mount Luho
  • Crystal Cove
  • Aron Magic Island
  • Snorkelling
  • Island Hopping

8. Water-friendly Keycard

Since it is near the beach, there can be a lot of water activities that you’ll be doing. Azalea Boracay have this in mind, that’s why it is cool that their keycard is waterproof at the same time lost-proof, even if you will doing a lot of active sports activities.

Azalea Boracay Keycard

9. Simply Relax

Or if you’re too tired to do any activities. Or you simply want to finish some work. You can alway tuck in under the sheets and be relaxed.

Azalea Residences Boracay Rooms 33


When in Boracay, whether for leisure or business, Azalea Residences Boracay is a very good option for your place. It is situated closely to the beach and to other establishments or activities you wish to do in the island.

Azalea Boracay
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