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A Glimpse of the Royal Oasis in Quezon City

By Posted on 3 m read

Having a relaxing time out after a busy, tiring working hours must be really be relief. Especially if you can pamper yourself with good food, quiet time, great movie or a soothing massage.

Recently, I had an opportunity to try the massage service of Royal Oasis in Commonwealth, Quezon City.

At first glance, Royal Oasis is not that noticeable from the outside, since it is beside a bigger establishment. Honestly, after seeing the frontage, I had low expectations from the massage center due to the location along Regalado Avenue.

To start with, I am used to different massage services since I tried it a lot especially during my writing days in ABS-CBN. For that area within Quezon City has a handful of massage parlors.


Anyway, upon entering Royal Oasis, I, together with Cristelle of GirlandBoyThing, were greeted with a complimentary tea (ginger tea to be exact. Their tea is a great way to greet customers – whether regular or first timers.)


The courtesy of the staff is highly noticeable, from the reception to the masseurs.

Royal Oasis is open from 2pm – 2am daily.


Royal Oasis is located at Regalado Avenue, Commonwealth, Quezon City. It is near a Kowloon Restaurant.


The place is quite small. Upon entrance, there is a couche for waiting guests. You will be “greeted” with a relaxing scent, usual in any spa centers.


Like what I mentioned, it is quite small, thus, Royal Oasis can only render eight (8) simultaneous full body massage beds and four foot massage seats.



The Massage (Swedish Massage and Volcanic Massage)

I chose the Swedish Massage to compare from the usual services I get elsewhere. So, for starters, a staff assisted me so that my feet can be washed first before the actual massage. This washing of feet is not a usual service in other massage centers, unless, you are to have a foot massage or foot spa.


Afterwhich, I was guided to the room to change clothes for massage.

A small dim-lit room enclosed with thick clothes as divider and cover around is where the actual massage is to take place.

A soft foam bed is where I lied down before a lady masseur entered the room. I told her that I prefer a hard massage, especially on my back.


Lo and behold, the small-framed masseur knows how to massage a man like me, for a hard massage.

What’s noticeable in the way she massaged. She took time to focus on each part of my body, as if she had the whole day to do the service.

Plus, the good thing about is that Royal Oasis can give a brief (15-minute) experience for the other types of massage. In my case, I asked for a little of the volcanic massage, where different sizes of stones is heated to be massaged to thr back.


And after an hour of soothing swedish massage, the volcanic massage was an icing on the cake, as it sealed the relaxing time that I had.




What’s great about Royal Oasis is that the masseurs know how to conduct a relaxing massage. Not just for the sake of finishing a job, but to really give the customers a relaxing experience.

No wonder customers wait just to take their turn for the massage. And amidst, its somewhat, secluded location, customers still prefer to go there.

Another is the ginger tea that you can avail before and after the massage.

A little downside of the Royal Oasis is the location. It is more accessible to customers with vehicles. Though, recently, with the opening of the Regalado Avenue, more shuttled vans go just in front of the massage center.

Another thing is that Royal Oasis is limited to only a handful of customers per turn since they can only occupy few “tired” bodies wanting relaxation.

If there is one thing I would want after an exhausting time in business, work or gym, it is getting a relaxing massage.

Massage: 8.5/10 (since I haven’t tried their other massages yet)

TIP: Better call them and make reservations before going.

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