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A Pinay Gets Booted Out of The Apprentice Asia

By Posted on 3 m read

After a previous interview with the two only Filipino contenders in the first The Apprentice Asia, it was hard seeing Celina Le Neindre “getting fired” by Mr. Tony Fernandes is just sad, especially knowing, Celina was watching the episode for the first time, along with her family, friends and media.

A sad day for the Philippines, but not entirely, since, Jonathan Yabut, another Filipino contender in the reality job interview, The Apprentice Asia is still on track.

Jonathan and Celina THe Apprentice Asia

Mark Lankester, CEO of Tune Hotels, who was also present during the live viewing of The Apprentice Asia Episode 7 in the Philippines, said that the two Filipino contenders are really great. Both Celina and Jonathan are exceptionally talented, skilled and intelligent.

Mark even said that it was hard getting into the final roster of The Apprentice, and having two Filipinos there is entirely a different story.

The Tune Hotels CEO also told the media that The Apprentice Asia is far different from the original The Apprentice, which is from the US.

Tune Hotel CEO Mark Lankester

The Apprentice Asia is the first from The Apprentice franchise to be have contenders coming from different countries. Compared to other Apprentice franchises that contestants come only from same country of origin.

Plus, the fact that the Asians show more professionalism, restraint and composure in doing their tasks, compared to the western counterparts where usually stricken by back-stabbing, name-calling and cursing gestures of the contenders.

Lankester said that it must have been due to the culture shared by Asians in terms of handling business and their careers.

Mark added that Mr. Tony Fernandes, though portraying a “fierce” boss, firing who doesn’t appeal to his business “senses,” though in reality, Fernandes, according to Mark, is a very smart and wise, and a very friendly individual.

Jon and Celina both agreed on the thought that Fernandes is a true mentor, more than just a host. Both the Filipino contenders recalled that it took them hours being in the board before Tony Fernandes decides to fire a contender. And during the deliberation in the boardroom, Tony Fernandes makes sure that each contender understands his point regarding on what he is looking for in a contender.

Jon even mentioned that every time that Tony Fernandes speaks about something inside the boardroom, it was like Tony is teaching them even more.

As for Celina, even though she got “fired” in The Apprentice Asia, she still feels privileged to be there, knowing that she got midway the contest before being fired. Plus, she exclaimed that she learned a lot about herself and she thinks that the Apprentice Asia made her a better person.

Jonathan stressed that Celina is a true example of brains and beauty.

Celina, composed as she can be during the conference, said that Alexis managed to see through her emotions and got that as a way to make her “weak” in front of Fernandes.

And though Celina was fired in the contest, AirAsia Philippines CEO, Marianne Hontiveros, offered Celina a job in AirAsia Philippines in front of the crowd during the night.

AirAsia Philppines Tune Hotels

Celina Jonathan Marianne Mark The Apprentice Asia

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