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Aesthetics Institute Of The Philippines to Launch New Fat Burning Machine

By Posted on 2 m read

With more people engaging into non-evasive fat burning system, newer technology are coming out. Local surgical cosmetic company Aesthetics Institute of the Philippines is introducing two new machines that can help burn fats: the Vanquish and Exilis Elite.


Vanquish is a body contouring device that uses focused radio frequency (RF) waves to heat and breakdown fat cells without damaging adjacent muscles and skin.

Designed to work on problematic midsection areas (abdomen and love handles) for people who are in good overall health. You must visit a clinic a number of times to undergo the treatment.

With four 30 minute weekly treatments, the Vanquish is proven to be a safe and reliable method for body contouring and fat reduction.

It is the first non-contact, hands-free body contouring device on the market. It is pain free and easy to operate.

Vanquish is manufactured by BTL Industries, makers of medical equipment based in United States.

On the other hand, Exilis Elite represents the world´s most advanced non-invasive technology efficiently addressing multiple aesthetic concerns.

The Exilis device is FDA cleared in the United States for the primary treatment of dermatology and general surgical procedures for non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids.


Exilis is often used by medical practices for fat reduction treatments. The two heads on the machine melts your fat and tightens skin at the same time.

It delivers radiofrequency waves to melt the fat from the outside in. When the fat melts, it is purportedly carried out by the lymphatic system and urinated out.

Both machines will be available in AIP (Aesthetics Institute of the Philippines) beginning Monday.

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