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All-Day Pinoy Merienda Meals at Aristocrat @AristocratPH

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Aristocrat. What started out as a mobile food stall back in the days, is now a name and place that many Filipinos have lots of fond memories of. From quick small meals to big social gatherings, a number of Pinoys can associate with the restaurant.

For nearly eight decades or about four Filipino generations, Aristocrat is one of the only few Filipino companies still strong and flourishing.


With that notion, how do they keep it together?

Aside from good business management and financial acumen, the Aristocrat, I believe, stick to two of their success principles.

One is continue doing what they do best, making their food delicious.

And two, is sticking to being Pinoy.

Aristocrat Merienda

These are evident in everything they offer, like in the Pinoy Merienda.

Some of the all-time Filipino merienda favorites are being offered in Aristocrat. So, in my recent visit to Aristocrat Malate, I tried Aristocrat’s Pinoy Merienda meals and more.

First-off is their Aristocrat Flying Saucer Adobo. At P 100 per piece, their flying saucer adobo has quite a puffy-firm like bread, filled with chicken-strips cooked in adobo flavor. All the while, I thought that the filling would be not that many. But I was surprised to see how stuffed it is with chicken.

Aristocrat Flying Saucer Adobo

Aristocrat Flying Saucer Adobo (P 100)

Aristocrat Flying Saucer Adobo

The Pospas de Gallina similar to lugaw or rice porridge, only this one has chicken.

Pospas de Gallina

Pospas de Gallina (P 120)

What better way to sip and eat a hot arroz con caldo or pospas de gallina? Combine it with Aristocrat’s Tokwa’t Baboy or Tokwa’t Tokwa. It is a Pinoy Merienda anyone would want specially during cold, rainy days.

Aristocrat Tokwa't Baboy

Tokwa’t Baboy (P 145) / Tokwa’t Tokwa (P 125)

The Sotanghon Gusisado of Aristocrat

Aristocrat Sotanghon

Sotanghon Guisado (P 285)

Aristocrat has their own version of palabok or pancit malabon, as others would call it, with their very own Pancit luglog. It has the taste and kick of Pinoy’s wanting this good old palabok on their front. Once the Aristocrat staff served the Pancit Luglog next to me, I cannot help but notice how flavorful it was, since its scent is very noticeable even a few meters apart from me.

Aristocrat Pancit Luglog

Pancit Luglog (P 190)

Now, if you’re craving for something different from the rest, the Lumpiang Ubod Sariwa for merienda is definitely a choice. Aristocrat’s version of lumpiang sariaw is quite a handful. With fresh veggies inside, any “health conscious” person who would dine-in for merienda has a choice.

Aristocrat Lumpiang Ubod Sariwa

Lumpiang Ubod Sariwa (P 90)

You can never go wrong with Aristocrat’s Diniguan and Puto. I mean, every Pinoy would know how good this combination is. But, wait until you try Aristocrat’s Cheese Roll together with their diniguan. It’s really good.

The cheese roll, by itself, is a soft, great tasting roll that most people would like. Honestly, I find it “bitin” for just one roll – a bit too small. Haha! Probably, since it is that good, that you would want a bigger version of it in one sitting.

Aristocrat Dinuguan Puto Cheese Roll

Aristocrat Dinuguan Puto Cheese Roll

Another noodle choice in Aristocrat Restaurant’s menu is the bihon guisado.

Aristocrat Bihon Guisado

Bihon Guisado (P 350)

Aaaah! This one is another favorite. The rich and thick hot chocolate drink in Aristocrat can “melt” the after taste of any merienda or food in the menu. In short, as Filipinos might call it, a “Pantagal Umay.”

Aristocrat Pinoy Merienda Tsokolat - eh

Tsokolate – eh (P 60)

If Aristocrat’s Pinoy Merienda meals seem not enough for your appetite and hunger, you can always have Aristocrat’s all-time bestsellers like their Chicken Barbeque, Kare-kare or even Sizzling Sisig.

Aristocrat Chicken Barbeque

3-piece Chicken Barbeque (P 210)

Aristocrat Sizzling Sisig

Sizzling Sisig (P 210)

Aristocrat Kare-kare

Kare-kare (P 455)

As for me, the best thing in Aristocrat’s menu is the Torta Delos Reyes. It is said that it has been a family dessert for decades. The Torta Delos Reyes is similar to Dumaguete’s famous sansrival, only this time, it has chocolate all over it that tastes like Kitkat. So imagine the combination of the good desserts combined into one.

D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S !

Torta delos Reyes is priced from P 160 a slice, to P 690 for a whole big block of it.

Aristocrat Torta delos Reyes

Torta Delos Reyes

Good thing about Aristocrat’s offering is that, you can avail any of their Pinoy Merienda, best-sellers or even desserts and cakes anytime you want. Since they have 24-hour branches in Malate and in Jupiter, Makati.

Aristocrat also has day and night delivery in Metro Manila, just cal 894-0000. Or call  (047) 252-3910 for Subic Bay delivery and (049) 503-1987 for San Pablo City, Laguna delivery.

You can visit Aristocrat’s official websites at or
or the Aristocrat Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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