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An Afternoon ‘Probing’ Ms. Cheche Lazaro in her Lotus Pod

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Dressed in white, surrounded by lush greenery and indigenous architecture, the journalist we used to see on TV as a calm, yet assertive interviewer, is now busy working on her dream relaxation place – the Lotus Pod.

Located in Bay, Laguna, the Lotus Pod is a project of Ms. Cheche Lazaro that seems to just fall into places. It used to be a vacant lot the she and her husband bought years back. But never had the time to develop, until she retired from her work.

Lotus Pod Cheche Lazaro 1

During an afternoon with the media, the “prober” herself, was interviewed about her new venture. 

She said that Lotus Pod is a culmination of how she’d always like to be pampered after her busy work. And now that she has retired already from journalism, there is a lot of time for her to make her haven.

Ms. Cheche Lazaro dubbed the name of the place from the propagation of the lotus in her man-made lake.

Like a puzzle, Ms. Cheche puts together the pieces together in Lotus Pod. Mostly, out of the best places she went to, like Bali, Indonesia. Some areas of the place actually came out from ideas of her relatives. 

Aside from relaxation, she made the place as a plantation of organic produce of arugula, lettuce, mushroom and other vegetables.

With still lots of undeveloped parcel from the 3-hectare Lotus Pod, Ms. Cheche Lazaro said that she has a lot of ideas for the property. Though she hinted that she has no plans of hurrying things up.

And what better way to appreciate the Lotus Pod even more?

Trying its produce!

So, as part of our Lotus Pod experience, we get to taste the organic produce that this place has. Chef Ariel of Lolo Dad’s prepared a sumptuous healthy merienda.

Currently, Lotus Pod accepts reservations for agriculture tours, events and accommodation. Plus, Lotus Pod has special gift packages of its organic produce.

Lotus Pod Cheche Lazaro 31

You can check out their site at or you can contact them directly via email at

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