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Better Souvenirs for Events with 360 Selfie Video

By Posted on 2 m read

Gone are the days that guests run into a photobooth for souvenirs during social and corporate events. With more smartphones coming out with better front cameras, people just take photos on their own.

If you’re an events organizer, marketing person or somebody who wants your event (social or business) to be unique and have your guests take away something cool to spread about after, here’s something new in the country is getting into the scene, with a newer perspective of giving better memory of the event, the 360 Selfie Video.


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I saw this in action during an event this year of Grips hair wax.

It is a different thing that’s why me and my girlfriend Cristelle tried it.

The 360 Selfie Video can capture videos of up to 4 people on the platform per time. Actual output video runs for about 10-12 seconds only. So better think of what and how you will pose. Because in my case, I think my pose was an epic fail (Lol) but the output of the 360 Selfie Video was nice.


Too bad, I did not try it again during that event. But next time I encounter 360 Selfie Video during an event, I will be more prepared. 😂

But hey, checkout how celebrities nailed the 360 Selfie Video. I should learn from them how to pose next time.

Philippines is not THE selfie capital for nothing. As this new 360 selfie video will surely flood the social media, as after a few minutes only or just after the event, the final edited copy of your 360 video will be emailed to you for your private and even shared viewing.
So for brands wanting to have something shareable online, or for social celebrations with a unique and memorable souvenir to share, the 360 Selfie Video is a great idea.

Honestly, I am thinking about it for me and my bride-to-be as souvenir for our wedding. 😁

For more info, you can check the website at

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