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LifestyleBucket is a channel for brands to get their message out there on the social web.


This blog site is growing both in readership and in organic search consistently through the years. After its official publication in April 2012, LifestyleBucket is making its mark on Internet.

Why advertise in LifestyleBucket?

LifestyleBucket and its contents are search-engine friendly.

If you try to Google for the “top or best lifestyle blog in the Philippines,” you will find out where this blog stands on organic search.

Example search in Google (try typing it for yourself to search in Google)

Ways to Promote Your Brand in LifestyleBucket

LifestyleBucket offers different ways for you to promote your brand/s.

  1. Sponsored Posts
  2. Sponsored Text Links
  3. Graphic Advertisements
    • 300 x 125 pixels (side)
    • 300 x 250 pixels (side)
    • 468 x 60 (top banner)
    • 468 x 60 (after content)
    • 468 x 60 (after title of content)
    • 782 x 90 (bottom ads)

Rates vary depending on the package, duration and terms of campaign.

Advertisements should adhere to decent, enjoyable and balanced lifestyle. Readers are also to benefit from the products or services being promoted, should they avail.

Advertisements promoting gambling, pornography, cigarette or anything that does not adhere to LifestyleBucket‘s standards will NOT be accepted.

Terms and conditions that are workable to both parties will be applied.

Send me a message, through the form below, so we answer any of your queries.

Thanks and God bless.


Rey Belen
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