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Buying and Selling Cars the Carmudi Way

By Posted on 2 m read

More Filipinos have become increasingly dependent on doing things online. From checking reading news, checking reviews of items and of course even in trading.

It is just fitting, even for a foreign company like Rocket Internet to venture in the Philippine market with their niche trading portal in the country, the Carmudi.

Carmudi is an online trading site focused on buying and selling vehicles. Carmudi is part of Rocket Internet’s roster of online business ventures (Zalora, Lazada, Clickbus, Groupon, Lamudi, Lamido, Food Panda, Price Panda and Easy Taxi).

Carmudi Logo

The site Carmudi takes online car classified a step further with added features aside from a conventional search portal. Carmudi has several filters to fine tune and trim your choices to what you really want from your prospective car. These filters include, price range, model, car made, color and year model of car in mind. It can even funnel the choices down to specific places in the country.

Also, Carmudi added an additional layer of protection for both the seller and the buyer. Each advertised vehicle is verified first before it is published. This lessens the risk of prank posting or even bogus sellers within Carmudi.

The new online vehicle classifieds is gaining much attention from the local market. With more than just cars, Carmudi is also accepting classifieds of motorcycle and trucks.

Sobir Lohani Nicolas Boldt Carmudi

“We are very much happy how Filipinos have accommodated Carmudi. The vehicle ads are growing exponentially from our initial launch.” Nicolas Boldt Carmudi Managing Director added.

“Carmudi is an easy way for more Filipinos to have their dream car at their fingertips, securely.” said Subir Lohani Managing Director.

Carmudi App

Alongside with the introduction of Carmudi to the media is the Carmudi App launch. Personally, I find the app to have clean and swift user interface, even better, in my opinion, than the full website version. The Carmudi App is available at Google Play for Android 2.2 version and above.

Sad thing though, that Carmudi focused on Android platform since most of the users in the Philippines are running on Android. Too bad, I am an iPhone owner. Hahaha!

iOS users need not to worry, since you can always use the mobile version of Carmudi. It may not be as sophisticated as the Android App, but still, it works as it should be – finding or advertising your car.

So, if you’re selling or buying cars, you might want to try Carmudi




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