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SM Catchment Tank to Counter Floods in Baguio

By Posted on 2 m read

One of the best places to stay at almost anytime of the year is Baguio City. With its cold, inviting weather, sceneries and food, I can’t thinkof any season that Baguio is not good to go to… Only of course, during hard rain.

Camp John Hay Secret Garden

Despite its elevated location, we’ve seen Baguio City not being spared from the ravages of ¬†weather disturbances, especially its effect – flood. In recent years, the city has been hit by numerous typhoons and the nation has been a witness for what took place soaking the city, and nearby areas in flood water.

And it seems, there are no signs of it not happening again.

Recent developments in the city, particulary the ones by SM Group, brought forth in the city what is called “catchment tank” wherein floodwater can be reduced by catching the rainwater instead of going to lower areas.Sample catchment tank

The amount of rainwater being funneled to the catchment tank are contained, treated and used into other non-potable outputs like irrigation, watering of plants, etc.

This same technology is being used in other countries even before the SM Group used it successfully in SM Masinag and SM BF in Paranaque.

SM Baguio City’s catchment tank facility will be reused for some of its mall operation insted of sourcing it from local water district.

SM Baguio City Plan

This way, the SM Baguio City catchment tank does not only help in reducing waterfall to flood, but also, reducing usage of valuable water in the area. After being treated by a sewage treatment, the rainwater will be reused by the mall in its operation, instead of sourcing its requirements from the local water district.

This means an equivalent of 16.9 millions liters of water reserve, instead of the same amount of water being as floodwater.

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