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Citi Adds Your Voice to Secure Your Account with Asia’s First Voice Biometrics

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If you happen to call more often to do your banking transactions, then you know that sometimes it can take quite a while for a customer representative to process anything until you get your account verified. And there are moments, that you do not have the luxury of time to wait longer than you can.

Good thing that Citi is taking banking innovation seriously as it launches a new way to make things phone banking faster, easier and more secure with the Citi Voice Biometrics.

Citibank Voice Biometrics

The Citi Voice Biometrics authentication capability identities customers through their voice print, which, similar to a fingerprint, is unique to each person. Citi clients can opt to enroll by recording their voices, which the bank will use to generate and store their voice prints for matching subsequent calls to Citibank. Each voice print will be uniquely tagged and cannot be reverse engineered once stored.

Once available, customers who call into the bank’s contact centers will have their identity automatically verified within 15 seconds or less as they explain their reason for calling. This is a reduction from an average time of around 45 seconds currently or 66% less time spent verifying their details currently.

Citi Philippines CEO Aftad Ahmed and Consumer Banking Head Bea Tan announced to the media the introduction of this groundbreaking technology being introduced to the Philippines. With this launch. Citi’s more than 1 million clients in the country can now enroll in Voice Biometrics and let their voices be the means for authentication of their phone banking transactions.


“We are proud of our strong track record in innovation, and we are delighted to once again take the lead in introducing a game changer in the banking industry,” said Ahmed. “We are relentlessly focused on making it more convenient for our customers to bank With us. Voice Biometrics will deliver convenience and additional protection for their accounts.”

“Voice biometrics is a great example of how we at Citi listen to our clients and leverage technology yo address their concerns.” explained Tan. “With our client‘s agreement, we can digitize their voice print and with a successful registration, the next time they call, we will do away with the three to five questions to verify their identity, which can take between 45 and 60 seconds.”

Bea Tan Citi Voice Biometrics

To date, voice biometrics authentication has been implemented in Taiwan. Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. It will be rolled out throughout the region in 2016 and 2017 to cover all 12 of Citi’s consumer banking markets in Asia Pacific that represent more than half of the bank’s 19 consumer markets globally.

Citi targets to be the first financial services firm to deploy voice biometrics authentication across Asia Pacific as the bank builds further on its successful innovation in retail banking in the region. Citi has around 15 million Consumer Banking customers in the region and the bank expects to have at least 1,000,000 customers actively using voice biometrics authentication in the next 12 months. Within three years the bank expects the number of users to grow to 3,000,000.

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