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Dentiste Unveils #MysteryBoxInBGC

By Posted on 2 m read

With what is a very timely “rekindling” of affection during Valentine’s Day, is Dentiste’s unique ‘present’ to Filipinos.

At Bonifacio High Street, there is a big white box (#MysteryBoxinBGC) wherein it people can come in between 5pm-11pm to spend a meaningful time with their special someone.

Dentiste Kiss #MysteryBoxInBGC

During its opening yesterday, February 13, people around got curious and fascinated of this simple yet love-sparking idea.

This shadow kissing or silhouette kissing box was initiated by Dentiste, an international toothpaste brand.

Dentiste Kiss #MysteryBoxInBGC

Popularized first in Japan and now gets its timing in the Philippines.

The concept, according to Dentiste people, is for couples, family members and friends to take that small fractions of time inside the booth and either kiss, hug or show affection and have yourself taken photos of your silhoutte.

Dentiste Kiss #MysteryBoxInBGC

Best for couples of course, to take that silhoutte or shadow kiss.

The #MysteryBoxinBGC is open to anyone until Sunday. Best of all, it is FREE. Just go there between 5pm to 11pm.

Dentiste Kiss #MysteryBoxInBGC

You can also tag Dentiste on their official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account with #MysteryBoxInBGC hashtag.

As for me and Cristelle, we tried the #MysteryBoxInBGC as well. When we entered the silhoutte kissing booth, there are markers on the ground as suggested best positions for the light to pass through you and bounce off a shadow into the box.

Inside Dentiste Mystery Box in BGC

It is best to do this when it is darker at night to make that shadow standout from the white box.

So we tried it.

#MysteryBoxinBGC Dentiste Kiss Rey Belen Cristelle Torres

And yes, that is my left hand right there, supposed to take a “selfie” shot of the two of, but it was an epic fail. Lol.

Might as well not post here shots of foreheads. Haha.

So, headover to Bonifacio High Street and look for the #MysteryBoxinBGC and take that few moments together inside the silhoutte kissing box.

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