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Discovering Metalink’s Stone Tile

By Posted on 2 m read

When we think of building our dream house, we often consider so much on the design, the interiors, the appliances, and the color. But have you ever considered thinking from the top – literally?

All houses are protected through its walls and roof. So it is only fitting to take note of what kind of protection you will be getting for your sides and top.

Recently, I joined a plant visit at the Metalink production plant in Bulacan. Metalink is a local manufacturer of building and housing materials in the Philippines. And one of their products is roofing.

It is a common trend in the country to use galvanized iron roofs, as it tends to be more more affordable compared to bricks. But in terms of design, brick roofing, personally, have the advantage.

On the other hand, with its new innovation, the Metalink Stone Tile, puts both design and affordability on the same footing.

METALINK Stone Tile Benefits

Metalink is the first producer of stone coated roofs in the country branded as Stone Tile.
Stone Tile is galvanized iron roof coated with natural sand granules on top and oil free polyester at the bottom. The stone coating gives that brick-like look making it more elegant compared to regular galvanized roofs.

With the Stone Tile, you can expect added protection against corrosion even for houses situated near coastal areas. Moreover, Stone Tile’s extra sound-proofing feature keeps away some of the noises commonly experienced with regular GI roofs.

It comes in four (4) colors – Brick Red, Coffee Brown, Charcoal Grey and Pine Green. Personally, I like the brick red and pine green – for a more sophisticated look. 😉

The four colors are based on the natural sand colors, only when applied to the galvanized irons, will it be dyed using ceramic sintering process to have that uniform gradient. Add to that the available stone coated accessories (like valley gutter) to maintain a uniform look for your roofing.

Did you know that Metalink Stone Tile is also the first long span stone coated roof in the world at 9 meters in length! And what’s cool about it is that, amidst it rigidness, it is easy to install. A few screws, rivets, sand coats and sealant and you’re good to go!

The Metalink Stone Tile is expected to withstand molds for about 10 years or more, while about 20 years against rusting. At Php 950 per 9meter sheet, the Metalink Stone Tile is more affordable than most stone coated roofs in the market.

Currently, Metalink has orders for Stone Tile to be used in upcoming development of known subdivision developers in the Philippines.

The Metalink Stone Tile is a good discovery on my part specially when I start my own family in the future and in building our own home. The elegant look and value for money are a good combo to consider for having the next roof change or building a new house.

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