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Do Men Really Need Own Grooming Product for their Private Part?

By Posted on 4 m read

It has always been a common thing for women to be particular in grooming. This includes having own line of shampoos, conditioners, soaps and genital washes. But in recent years, there have been numerous efforts to “re-orient” the men to take care of themselves – seriously and properly.

Personally, I have been very particular, being a man, on my grooming stuff is my razor, facial wash and deodorant (even my other deos before are for women, I love the soft scent). All others like my soap and shampoo have been based on what I was used to (call it a family soap, when I was a kid).

And just recently, I received a package to try a male grooming set called the ToppCock.

ToppCock Men's Grooming

Interesting for a name it seem, but I was more interested on how really will I be needing and wanting a whole grooming set, specifically for a man like me. Never did I thought that there would be a whole line of products just for males, more particularly the male genital protection.

The ToppCock products I received were:

ToppCock Silver Man Part Protection (90 mL) – P 185
Also available in sachets at P 25 per 10mL

ToppCock Silver Male Wash

ToppCock Silver is especially formulated to neutralize bacteria, fungi and viruses on and around the male genitalia. It is a leave-on gel with silver nanoparticles, tea tree oil and aloe vera, which when combined, produce the cleansing solution with fresh scent for your man private part. It is best used after shower or as desired, especially after a rigid activities.

ToppCock All-in-One Shower Gel (100 mL) – P 199

ToppCock All-in-one Shower Gel

The ToppCock All-In-One Shower Gel is the least that I expected to like, but surprisingly, this is what I liked the most. It is formulated to work both on body and hair. What I like about this is its scent. It reminds me of a popular men’s perfume in the 90s and 2000’s, I just can’t figure what it is. All-In-One also contains contains Silver Nanoparticles, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe.

ToppCock Hydromax Lemony Body Wash (200 mL) – P 205

ToppCock Hydromax Lemony Body Wash

Enhanced with ToppCock’s signature ingredients, Silver Nanoparticles and Tea Tree Oil, the ToppCock HydroMax Body Wash helps get rid of bacteria that can cause dirt and odor in the body.

ToppCock Hydromax Invigorating Conditioner (180 mL) – P 288

ToppCock Hydromax Conditioner

The ToppCock Hydromax Conditioner is surprisingly soft on hair. I never thought that men’s conditioner can be so particular on the softness. I just thought that is girl stuff. But now, having tried this one, it seems like I am getting the hang of if. It contains Silver Nanoparticles to protect hair and scalp from bacteria and fungi.

ToppCock HydroMax Invigorating Shampoo (180 mL) – P 288

ToppCock Hydromax Invigorating Shampoo

The ToppCock Hydromax Invigorating Shampoo is true to its name. This is actually the first product that I used among the whole selection. The mere scent of its lemon-ish flavor adds a good amount of rejuvenation effect. It is like spending a few moment in a spa. Bundled with ToppCock’s signature ingredient, Silver Nanoparticles to protect hair and scalp from bacteria and fungi.

How does ToppCock differ?

The nano-silver is the distinguishing factor of ToppCock. Silver has an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral property that makes the inclusion of it in ToppCock more beneficial. Silver prevents bacteria to chemically bond, living them separated and later on not able to survive.

Thus, the right amount of silver particles makes it big thing for ToppCock.

But wait, hold your horses.

Don’t go running to your kitchen or your jewelry boxes to melt silver. And think that you can kill bacteria with your specially-designed silver just like killing a werewolf in the movies.

The nano-silver particles are scientifically integrated to ToppCock products. It is not something that we can just toy around with.

I dug deeper on “silver nano particles” are and how they work in our body when applied. I found some researches that even suggests the effectiveness of silver nanoparticles in antivirus, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, up to the extent of fighting of HIV.

Though I don’t want to bore you with the scientific researches, here’s a quick link to an article about silver nanoparticles.

Anyway, women are not the only ones who should be conscious about fashion, health and hygiene. Men should be too.

And this is one way of staying clean and healthy, especially on your most-precious “tool.”

You can’t be proud of it, if it stinks you know. So before having a debate on the size, why don’t you make sure it is clean. You wouldn’t want flies flying around you schong, wouldn’t you?

So, to cut the long story short, apart from the size, hygiene is THE most important thing that you and your partner would want for your tool.

As for me, I have always kept my tool clean using a regular soap. But I was never that particular in keeping my manhood that meticulously. But looking at it now, if it so important to me, (and I am sure for other men as well), then it is wise to keep it clean.

So is using a specific shampoo, conditioner and body wash for myself. After almost a month of using it, I think it started to be a habit for me to use them. I personally like the scents of each.

If you’re man enough, give it a try. Then let me know how it works for you.

I would love to hear your story.

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