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EasyShop.PH Treats Online Sellers

By Posted on 2 m read

Philippine-based online sellers were treated to a night of dinner, prizes and, more importantly, a walkthrough of the newest online selling portal they can venture on, the EasyShop.PH.

EasyShop.PH is a new online platform wherein both the buyers and sellers are secured in transacting with each other.

Nelson A. Liao, President and Chief Executive Officer of EasyShop Philippines, showed the pre-registered online sellers on how they can take advantage of the features of the site.

EasyShopPH Nelson Liao

Liao explains that EasyShop.PH is unlike the prevailing online shopping sites in the country today where sellers just post their goods and are directly contacted by the buyers for meet-ups or deliveries. Though this maybe working to some, he said that there are security lapses for both the seller and buyer.

There are instances that either the seller or the buyer shows up in meet-ups or worse, payments are deposited, but the merchandise are not sent to the buyer.

In the case of EasyShop, Liao said that both buyers and sellers are free from the many “headaches” of online shopping.

Key advantages to the seller:

  1. A seller can register and post his or her goods online
  2. Seller registers his or her bank account where EasyShop transfers the payments made for the purchases
  3. EasyShop verifies that payment has made by a buyer before a seller ships his or her merchandise
  4. Lesser meet-ups of unknown buyers, thus, more time processing sure buyers and shipping merchandise in bulk

EasyShopPH Portal

Key advantages to the buyer:

  1. Buyer’s money is secured by EasyShop.PH until the item is delivered and checked to be of good standing until payment is to be given to the seller
  2. Buyer does not have to do meet-ups anymore
  3. Payments can be made through bank deposit, credit card, PayPal and even payment centers like Bayad Center
  4. Refunds can be made if product is not delivered or defective

Nelson Liao explains that EasyShop does not charge anything to the buyer. It will only earn from a 3% commission from the seller, but only after November 1, 2014. This is a promo to all the sellers currently registered in EasyShop.PH.

Nelson Liao EasyShopPH

EasyShop will also be available in both the iOS and Android gadgets for easier mobile transactions. Newer Android phones made by EasyShop’s partners (SKK, CKK, BS Mobile) will have pre-installed EasyShop app for new users to take advantage of.

EasyShop is currently in beta testing and is expected to launch in full scale by June 15, 2014.

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