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Faster Way Going to Boracay via SkyJet Airlines

By Posted on 4 m read

We all know that going to Boracay, the fastest would be via Caticlan. But if you still feel that the usual 1-hour flight, that most carriers in the Philippines take from Manila to Caticlan, is still long, then there is a faster way of flying in Caticlan – via SkyJet Airlines.

I have been to Boracay multiple time, but It was my first time to try flying SkyJet, during my recent adventure to Boracay. Since SkyJet Airlines only flies three destinations from Manila, I barely noticed it as an option, until just recently.


To my surprise, it was far better than I expected.

SkyJet Airlines is a boutique airline flying from Manila to only three leisure destinations – Basco (Batanes), Coron (Busuanga) and Boracay (Caticlan) and back.

Yes, SkyJet Airlines is popularized lately by the movie of Toni Gonzaga and Coco Martin, You’re My Boss, wherein it featured SkyJet as Coco and Toni’s company.

PROS of Flying SkyJet to Boracay


The inclusive in-flight snack going to Boracay is just light. It may not even satisfy your hunger. But what I like about it is the presentation, especially of the sparkling juice served in a champagne glass.

It just looks fancier than other airline offerings. Of course, you can still opt to have the mineral water, in case you don’t like the sparking drink.


SkyJet Airlines’ aircrafts are BAE-146 series 100 which can only accommodate 80 passengers. If you’re a bit meticulous or paranoid, may be, you will find the the 79 other passengers is far better a lesser risk, compared to other aircrafts that can fly hundreds of passengers. (Colds, coughs, germs, Lol – if you’re that paranoid).

Though it may be small compared to other local planes, but according to their site, it is the biggest plane to use Caticlan and Busunga airports.


With its small size, it hovers on a lower altitude, giving an experience different from bigger planes. I appreciated having to see the rich natural look of the Philippines that I see from a far when flying on a bigger aircraft.

To think that I was only using an iPhone to take these shots (I will still have to edit the videos for better appreciation), you can see how close the view was from above.

That’s why if possible, I recommend getting a window seat on this one, as you have more vantage looking down, especially on a sunny day. As for me, who has seen the clouds from a higher altitude down to this altitude that I can see the islands and see, I prefer to having this kind of view. 😉


Since it is lighter and flying at a lower altitude, it is also faster than other airlines flying the same route. Manila to Boracay usually runs at about an hour flight. But with SkyJet Airlines, it is only 30 to 35 minutes.

And yes, it is far faster than going from Boni Mandaluyong to Ayala on peak hours – or even Boni to Guadalupe. Hahaha.

So if you’re in hurry flying-in or out of Boracay, then, SkyJet is pretty good choice.

Of course, it also means that taking that sleep can be cut really short.

CONS Flying SkyJet to Boracay


The size is both an advantage and disadvantage. For obvious reasons, a smaller plane is more susceptible to bad weather conditions like strong winds and rains. I may be a technical person, but it is common that smaller planes are usually the first not to be allowed to fly.


Though SkyJet flies daily, however, they only have one schedule of flights per day. I wish that there would be more flights. Or maybe, it is not yet the peak season. (I wrote this post October) Probably, during peak season to Boracay, there will be more flights.


This one, I know, is beyond the hands of SkyJet’s control.

As for me, I prefer not to fly from Terminal 4, if given a choice. It is so small and quite frankly, seems out of style and standards already compared to nearby terminals.


I enjoyed flying back and forth of Boracay via SkyJet Airlines. It is totally a new experience for me flying on a smaller, faster flight to Caticlan and on a lower altitude.

As for the price, I believe that is best valued with the travel time you save, that you can use for the adventures or businesses you have after the flight.

Of course, it is a different matter if add-in the airport traffic and EDSA traffic congestion to the whole travel time. Lol!

In essence, you can add SkyJet in your options when flying to Batanas, Coron and Boracay. You can check their website for flight schedules, fares and promos at

Share your experience below as I would love to hear your thoughts.

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