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Figaro Makes 2015 Christmas Blissful

By Posted on 3 m read

Figaro has something in store for everyone this holiday season as they added a new roster of pasta dishes, pastries and a whole lot of gift packs for anyone to enjoy.

I had the chance to try them all in one of Figaro’s meet-up sessions at their Tomas Morato Branch. Figaro’s marketing and culinary team took the time out to prepare the dishes to bloggers having to try all of the new stuff for this Christmas.

The coffee company-turned-restaurant chain added three new pasta dishes: the Chicken Galantine Cannelloni (Php 189), Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni (Php 189), and Chicken Roulade Plate (Php 249).

Figaro Chicken Galantine Cannelloni

Chicken Galantine Cannelloni(Php 189) Is made of Chicken galantine stuffed in cannelloni pasta with Provencal sauce.

Figaro Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni

Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni (Php 189) is a tasty ground chicken duxelles stuffed in cannelloni pasta with Carbonara sauce.

Figaro Chicken Roulade Plate

Chicken Roulade Plate (Php 249) is a special meaty filling stuffed in chicken breast fillet, breaded and fried to golden brown. Served with side salad and pasta choice of Arrabiata, Pesto, Al Tonno or Carbonara.

Among the three pasta dishes, I prefer the Chicken Roulade Plate the most. This is not to discredit the two other pastas. If you’re a red-sauce kind of a guy, by all means, try the Chicken Galantine Cannelloni – it is sure to tickle your taste buds pretty well and if you’re a white-sauce kind of person, then, try the Chicken Mushroom Cannelloni.

It is just based on my preference that night. 😉

On Figaro’s new pastries, they added Light Ginger Bread Loaf, Premium Salted Caramel, Fruit Loaf Mini, and Fruit Forest Cheese Cake.

Figaro Ginger Bread Loaf

The Light Ginger Bread Loaf (Php 55) is a combination of ginger, cinnamon, and spices to produce a light ginger bread flavor in a loaf. This pastry is for the more adventurous taste bud or for those who want to a hint of spice into your dessert.

Figaro Fruit Loaf Mini

The Fruit Loaf Mini (Php 70) is traditional seasoned loaf with glazed and mild rum flavor. This Christmas season, most people will definitely try this one, I am pretty sure that their money and effort won’t go to waste.

Figaro Premium Salted Caramel

The Premium Salted Caramel (Php 70) specialty bar with gooey salted caramel filling, walnuts and rice crisp, topped with dark chocolate ganache is definitely a must try. Among the three pastries, this is what I would recommend to try out first – especially if you’re a sweet tooth like me.

Figaro Fruit Forest Cheese Cake

Figaro Fruit Forest Cheese Cake (Php 135 / slice) Premium quality baked cheese cake infused with sweetness of mixed berries.

Should I say more?

Figaro Hazelnut Cinnamon Latte

Hazelnut Cinnamon Latte Php 100 


Figaro Hazelnut Cinnamon Float

Hazelnut Cinnamon Float P145

Figaro also has new designs for their merchandise. A roster of notebooks, tumblers, flasks, mugs and all sorts of things for anyone to keep or give as gifts.

Figaro Merchandise:

Figaro Notebook – P229
Ribbed Tumbler – P319
Vacuum Flask – P479
Yellow Stainless Tumbler – P249
Magic Mug- P209
Mugs (Coffee belt, Bean map, Mask)- P149

Figaro Christmas Gift Packs

Figaro Christmas Gift Packs

Gift pack #1: Vacuum Flask, House Reserve Coffee -P749
Gift pack #2: Ribbed Tumbler,  House Reserve Coffee -P599
Gift pack #3: Yellow Stainless Tumbler, House Reserve Coffee -P529
Gift pack #4: Vacuum Flask, Notebook – P729
Gift pack #5: Ribbed Tumbler, Notebook – P569
Gift pack #6:  Yellow Stainless Tumbler, Notebook – P499
Gift pack #7: Regular Mugs(2pcs),  Notebook – P569
Gift pack #8: Regular Mugs,  Notebook, House Reserve Coffee -P649

As for me, these new additions in Figaro’s menu are interesting. But of course, I will always go for my favorites: Pasta ala Carlo and Garlic and cheese pizza – anytime of the day.

For more information and updates about the newest offers of Figaro Coffee Company, you may visit:

Twitter: @FigarocoffeeHQ
Instagram: @FigaroCoffee

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