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Food Review: Going for Italian, Gelatos and more at Casa Italia Cafe

By Posted on 3 m read

If you’re looking for a new place to hangout, or a cozy venue to impress your date in Quezon City, then you’re in for a treat in the newly-opened Casa Italia Cafe at SM North EDSA The Block.

If I can describe the place, it seems like every corner is “Instagrammable.” Thus, if you’re on a date or wanting to spend time together on a nice backdrop for a memorable moment, then, Casa Italia Cafe will just suit you.

Casa Italia Cafe 7

I mentioned first the coziness of the place as the look of Casa Italia Cafe can definitely catch anybody’s attention even from a far. With the colorful design, neatly looking interior, it is only fitting to say that you can get easily attracted of the place.


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And as you go further inside, you will see that there are many things that can capture your attention. From the gelato bar, to the cappuccino bar, up to the different areas for dining – simply eye candy areas – worthy of selfies and groupies.


Though originating from Singapore, Casa Italia Cafe has numerous food choices inspired from its Italian origin. Name it, from appetizers to main entrants to desserts, they got it covered.

Here are some of the selections that I was able to taste personally.

Casa Italia Cafe Nutella Gelatonini


I like chocolates. This one is choco enough for me. That’s why, even if I was aiming for only a bite or two of each meal, this one, served first, didn’t see any daylight anymore. hahaha. As I munched up to the last piece.

Casa Italia Cafe Guyabano Gelato


For Gelato sizes and prices refer here: Piccolo- P130, Medio- P195, Grande- P265

Casa Italia Cafe’s gelato is one of their main products. The guyabano gelato, surprisingly, tasted like real fruit. That’s why this flavor of Casa Itala Cafe’s gelato is a must-try.

Casa Italia Cafe White Velvet

WHITE VELVET: (Single serving P195, Double serving P245)

Casa Italia Cafe Limoncello

LIMONCELLO (Single serving P195, Double serving P245)

The White Velvet and Limoncello both have liquor added into them. These two are worth your money if you want to add kick to your cold delights.

Casa Italia Cafe Pumpkin Soup


Their pumpkin soup is a fave instantly as it instantly sizzled my taste buds with the creamy feel. Just right for a starter for the main entree. It somewhat washed off the chocolate in my mouth – in a good sense.

Casa Italia Cafe Sole Fillet with lemon pepper cream sauce


I am not much for the cream sauce of this dish. It is a bit blunt for me. Plus, probably, I tasted the Hickory Pork Belly first, which is quite tasty, thus the comparison.

Casa Italia Cafe Italian Baked Chicken


True to its name, “Italian,” this one taste like a pasta or pizza, that is tomato-based. So imagine eating a pizza, only in a chicken meat. I like this dish, since I prefer that pinch of sour-sweet taste from tomatoes.

Casa Italia Cafe Hickory Pork Belly


This is my instant favorite, the Hickory Pork Belly. Add more barbecue sauce and it is similar to the ones from Rack’s. I have a bit of a bias to that BBQ-type of sauces.

Casa Italia Cafe Sunny Daydream


Casa Italia Cafe Midnight Surprise


Casa Italia Cafe Gelato Smoothies

Casa Italia Cafe’s assorted cold drinks and shakes is also worth the try. A lot of choices to choose from. Whether you want fruit based or coffee-based drinks, they have.

Casa Italia Cafe has its own wifi connection for customers.

As I mentioned, any spot in Casa Italia Cafe sports that sense of classy and artistic design. Thus, it is really cool to take photos at any section of the  store. So, better take that pose of yours for Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

Casa Italia Cafe
Operating Hours: 10 am to 9 pm (Sundays – Thursdays) up to 10 pm (Friday and Saturday)
Location: Ground Floor of  The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City
Contact Number:  +632 469-069 ext:948
Casa Italia Cafe North Edsa Facebook

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