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Food Stall Franchise Options from Stallmart

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For many years, we have seen how big businesses have grown. While businesses grow, one of the benefits that has brought companies to spread to places is due to the wonders of FRANCHISING.

It is one of the biggest and greatest inventions of men. It helps both the business owner/s (franchisor) and other enterprising individuals to avail of a known business system to work in their behalf (franchisee).

Big and small companies alike benefit from franchising – and more so other people who do not want to start a new business, but just want to venture on a working system already.

In the Philippine market, we’ve seen foreign companies being franchised locally, and local companies being franchised out of the country. So in essence, this can work pretty well in most cases, and most places possible.

In this regard that almost any product or service is now being introduced via franchising.

“There are always new and innovative ideas waiting to be materialized,” says Michelle Pino, Senior Franchising and Key Accounts Operations Manager of Mister Donut Philippines. “Franchising allows brands to have multiple branches in strategic locations opening simultaneously, dominating the market even before competitors develop their own businesses.”

Stallmart-Food-Franchise 21

Established in 2012 from the same group responsible for over 30 years of Mister Donut success, Stallmart, Inc. aims to become the strongest in the stall and kiosk industry. Stallmart offers affordable packages for aspiring businessmen and provides support to franchisees such as site evaluation assistance, staff training, and operations and marketing support.

According to Pino, “Stallmart addresses the strong demand for low-investment, high-profit businesses brought about by emerging trends in the Philippine franchising business.”

If you’re interested to go into a food stall business with a support for training and merchandise, you might opt to go into franchising. Like in the case of Stallmart, they offer food stall franchise from as low as Php 30,000 and above, you can choose from a variety of options from Stallmart and avail of yourself a business to start-off.

In buying a franchise, Pino said to consider a lot of things. Since franchising is not entirely LEAVING the franchised business to grow and to prosper on its own. A franchisee STILL needs to manage and to run the food stall properly to make it work.

Food stalls from drink (ThirTea), dimsum (Siomai Central), pizza (Fold N’ Roll) mexican food (Little Mexico) to chicken (Tik-Tok).

ThirTea aims to provide the best milk tea experience especially for consumers on-the-go, offering pocket-friendly milk variants. “Nowadays, there is a growing preference for a healthier lifestyle and this reflects in the food industry with healthy choices flourishing all over the metro. The last few years have also seen the boom of milk tea with tea being a healthier alternative to coffee,” explains Pino.


Stallmart also offers Fold N’ Roll, bringing to consumers the company’s version of New York-style folded pizza. Little Mexico, on the other hand, brings a taste of Mexico through bite-sized tacos, nachos, and burritos.

Tik-Tok was the early to take-off in the Stallmart chain of food stalls. It is popular and has a long queue of people in their MRT-Cubao branch, which was, their first Tik-Tok stall. Widely known for its savoury smell from a far, attracting many Pinoys to take deep fried chicken parts for snacks.


Siomai Central was the second food stall they managed to launch, offering dimsum on the go.

Siomai Central

Little Mexico is the newest instalment for the Stallmart family. Little Mexico is an influence of mexican food like tacos, nachos and more. The company is still in the process of developing the brand before it sets it off to the public.
Little Mexico

Michelle Pino noted that their records show that return-on-investment can be achieved within six months to a year. A conservative average net income per stall per month can be achieved.

“Franchising has had a positive contribution to the Philippine economy with millions of jobs created because of these businesses,” adds Pino. “It is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to start with, without a lot of money to invest.”

For more information, visit or you may reach us at (02) 370-1236 or

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