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Generika Moves Forward with MedPadala

By Posted on 3 m read

There is a high rate in the Philippines that anything that has to do with health like medicine, routine check-up and insurance are often less prioritized. This is why Generika Drugstore has launched MedPadala.

MedPadala is the first electronic gift check exclusive for buying medicines. Generika Drugstore aims to teach Filipinos to allot ample amount of money for medicines.

According to research, buying medicines (especially for maintenance and nourishment) often gets neglected in the budget of the family. Medicines are only prioritized during time of dire need.

MedPadala Website

Now, with MedPadala, it is saving a portion of your budget going to medicines for you or your family members.

According to Julien Bello, Vice President of Generika Franchising Services Corporation (GFSC), MedPadala targets the more financially-able family members to secure the medicine allocation for their loved ones. Especially those working far from their families. MedPadala assures that the budget for maintenance medicines and / or meds for emergencies are properly saved.

Generika MedPadala Julien Bello

Julien Bello, Vice President of Generika Franchising Services Corporation (GFSC)

We intended that affordable medicines be available to as many Filipinos. With MedPadala, many Filipinos can be assured of this.

MedPadala basic features:

  • buying MedPadala does not incur additional remittance charge (even if bought abroad via online)
  • the electronic gift check is transmitted to your phone in less than 10 seconds (actually, almost instantaneous, like a mobile load)
  • can be purchased online via and through retailers (V-Mobile, LBC and other participating outlets)
  • it has no expiration date
  • can be bought in increments or multiple transactions
  • you can share your MedPadala to loved ones as long as you give them the transaction and pin code
  • senior citizen’s discount can be used
  • account balance is provided along with receipt
  • can be used nationwide in all Generika Drugstores
  • available balance can be checked online or through Generika teller
  • transaction history can be monitored or checked via Generika teller
 Generika MedPadala Teodoro Ferrer

Generika President Teodoro Ferrer

Teodoro Ferrer, President of Generika, said that this move of the company is one way of assuring their vision of quality, generic medicines be accessible to Filipinos nationwide. In partnership with big companies: LBC, VMobile, and Smart E-Money, Inc, Generika is leveraging on the wide network of partners to access more Filipinos in need of affordable, effective medicine.

Philippine Pharmacists Association Board of Director Marilyn Tiu even gave bloggers a good insight on generics meds and how it differs from the more expensive, branded medicines.

Because in comparison, generic medicines cost about 30 to 80 percent less than the cost of other popular medicine labels.

According to Tiu, generic drugs should have the same active ingredients as such of the innovator medicine.

Marilyn Tiu Generika MedPadala

Philippine Pharmacists Association Board of Director Marilyn Tiu

The innovator brands are those who took the time and money to research, discover and conduct scientific testings to invent a new medicine. This is why, innovator brands need to put high premium to recover any incurred expenses to make the medicine effective.

Generic meds on the other hand, just produce drugs based on same active ingredients proven to be effective by the innovator – after the patent has lapsed from the innovator. Thus, generic meds cost less, therefore can be sold less at the same efficacy.

Tiu only warned to buy generic medicines from reputable drugstores – taking note that handling of medicines is another factor to consider in the efficacy of the medicines.

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