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Gratchi’s Getaway : More Than a Tourist Destination

By Posted on 6 m read

Hours before my meet-up with fellow bloggers off to Silang, Cavite, I thought that it was a good way to have a break from all the busyness of the Metro. Another place to stay in Tagaytay and tuck myself in after a tour around the farm.

But, it was beyond great food, comforting natural scenery and soothing weather of the place. Gratchi’s Getaway is more than all of those.

It was last July that I first came to Gratchi’s Getaway.

Living in the urban has some perks, but having a nature-inspired surrounding is not one of them. That’s why, seeing a lot of greens, feeling colder breeze brushing my face are just a few signs of a good place for me. And those are the first things that greeted me upon entering the 6-hectare property of Gratchi’s Getaway.


We went straight to The Ruins Villa to stay for the night. The Ruins is a three-storey building with the second floor having 8 rooms inside. Each room can accommodate 4 to 6 people (depending on the room).

Regular rooms (2 pax) is at Php 2,200 overnight. Php 700 for additional person, maximum of 4 per room. While the Large Room is Php 3,900 good for 4 people, and additional Php 700 per person, maximum of 6 people.


And after settling, we were invited to go out and check the place out.

The guided tour started at the vermicoposting area of Gratchi’s Getaway. The whole farm uses organic fertilizers for their homegrown crops. Which then led us to the next part of the tour, their mushroom house.


Gratchi’s Getaway grows most of their ingredients for the menu they offer. The food at Gratchi’s Getaway offers a wide selection of choices. Most are Filipino delicacies with a twist. Like their Kare-kare which is made of Mushroom instead of meat.

It is advised that upon reservation of rooms, you can reserve the food you like to have. For more info on the selection and prices, visit Gratchi’s Getaway online menu.


After eating, we took time to know more about Gratchi’s Getaway and looked at what else we can do around. We found ourselves doing different stuff like:


ROVING VIA ATV (Php 400 / 30 minutes)

We drove ATVs in a 3-kilometer stretch of forest within Gratch’s Getaway.

TREKKING AT BULALO RIVER (Php 150 / person, minimum of 5 pax)

The trekking at Bulalo River is one of the most challenging things to do while in Gratchi’s Getaway. The trail going down and up is a bit steep, not for everyone. But the challenge takes you to a whole new level.

It is best to go there in groups, as there are learning points that the guide will not only enhance you physically, but also emotionally and mentally.

By the way, you might think what’s that on our faces. Well, it was supposed to look better than that. Hahaha! During our trip to Gratchi’s Getaway, Cristelle Torres and I used sunblock protection for our skin.

Personally, I can’t go out in the sun unprotected for so long. So I used Ultra Screen MD Sunblock and Ultra Screen MD Sunblock Nose Coat (the colored ones, it comes in blue and pink)


And since we are wet already from the river trek, we decided to jump into the infinity pool after we got back to Gratchi’s Getaway. Call it “Pool of Bloggers” that time. We just had enough time to play around and soak ourselves to relax, unwind and talk about so many things.

Well, after the day’s adventure and fun, we headed for dinner with videoke, plus some hotdogs and marshmallow over bonfire.

That’s all in a day’s stay in Gratchi’s Getaway. Those are just a few of the things we did.


All the while, I thought that our stay would be all sightseeing and eating only.

But wait, there’s more… Geoffrey Nuval, the head facilitator at Playworks (teambuilding facilitation group) and son of owner, made a special race just for the 6 of us – The Great Farm Race.

Each team is out to outwit, outclass each other in a competitive, yet very friendly match.

Geoffrey Nuval Presiding Team Building Gratchis Getaway

Honestly, at first, I was anxious doing it. Considering that I have been growing my belly muscles (bulging now) for years. Evidence of my being mostly sedentary, I pretty much know that it is not my set of “expertise” now. Running, racing and participating in a physically-challenging activity.

I was about to beg-off, but hey, with only 6 of us, and my girlfriend joining, hey, that would be too insulting for me, isn’t it?

So it happened.

With me and my girlfriend on opposite teams.

I was in Team Pink, with Rod Magaru and Rodel Flordeliz. While Cristelle Torres, Jeman Villanueva and Richard Mamuyac were on the Orange Team.

Game Face Gratchis Getaway

So it began… Rarrrrrrr…

My competitive juices started to pump up, as there are “high” stakes. Winner gets bragging rights, and more importantly, immunity from the bath of shame… a slide to the mudhole. Bwoohoohahahaha…

Each team has to finish each task from the clues from the card. First team to finish all the tasks wins the race.

The whole obstacle is spread within the Gratchi’s Getaway. Each obstacle has its own difficulty and challenges. As part of the race, we did:

  • The High Ropes Challenge (Burma Bridge, Vine Walk, Cat Walk, Log Swing) – these challenges can be done for Php 200 per person, minimum of 5 persons in a group.
  • Zipline – Php 150 per zip, minimum of 5 persons
  • Obstacle Course (Zigzag Logs, Tire Relay, Bamboo Wall Climbs, Monkey Bars, Military Walk, Through the Tires, Trust Fall and the Mud Slide)
*Special rates are tailor-fit for packages with the inclusion of all the activities and obstacle as part of the Great Farm Race.

Participating and finishing the Great Farm Race provided by Playworks at Gratchi’s Getaway, made me realize a lot of things about myself.

  1. I am unfit and I have to do something about it.
  2. I am not as competitive as I used to be.
  3. There is always fun in competition, at least from my point of view.
  4. I am my worst enemy.
  5. Think what I can do for others.
  6. It is always good to have allies.
  7. Many things may be challenging, but it is temporary, so deal with it. As soon as you’re done with it, then, most of the time, it is over.
  8. There are perks for those who challenge themselves.

Luckily, we won the race, so we were spared from the “humiliation” of the mudslide.

I tried the mudslide myself after all, it is all for FUN.

All challenges SHOULD make us a better person, whether you win it or not. That’s part of the whole process how to deal with winning and losing.

The challenges may have been over, but the fun never stopped. As we spent our spare time doing different activites.

As for me, Cristelle and Jeman, we took another ride on the ATV and last look at some of the areas at Gratchi’s Getaway. While the others went for another ziplining.

If you’re wondering why we are all in white, that’s the FrancisM Clothing. Didn’t think it would fit nicely on me, but it did!

Just before we head back to Manila, Ms. Gratchi Nuval and son Geoffrey graciously bid us goodbye.

Bloggers with Gratchi Geoffrey Nuval

Cristelle Torres Geoffrey Nuval Gratchi Nuval Rey Belen


All in all, it was one of the best trips I had so far in years. As Gratchi’s Getaway did not only treat me with good food, relaxing ambience, great view and fun activities, but also helped me realized things I have overlooked.

Indeed, this is a place for couples, friends and of course groups, whether in a professional or social groups, wanting to discover more about themselves while having fun.

If you are interested, you may contact the following numbers to know more about Gratchi’s Getaway, or visit their website at

For General inquiries:

PLDT: 02-664-1633
Smart: 0920-956-5673
Sun: 0922-891-0963
Globe: 0917-726-5484

For Team Building with Facilitation:

Next time, I have to remind myself, to bring an all-weather, shockproof case for my phone or better yet have a tripod and a clicker ready to take better photos and videos as I go through the challenges.


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