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Hapee Gumtect Combo can Ease Effects of Sensitive Teeth

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How would you feel if you are eating at your favorite restaurant, having your favorite dessert after a sumptuous meal and suddenly, you feel that sharp pain.

What a bummer, right?

That sudden sharp pain is what you call a dentin hypersensitivity, simple put it, “pangingilo” in Filipino.

I may not be personally experiencing it, but I’ve seen the how twinge happens many time to my fiancee, Cristelle, while we eat and it can be a spoiler of moments as well.

rey belen cristelle torres bloggers
(Here is Cristelle Torres’ coping with her hypersensitive teeth)

Just imagine a moment the you are enjoying your food, chatting, laughing over a meal, then suddenly, snaps due to hypersensitivity. A way to spoil a moment, right?

Well, dentin hypersensitivity is typically due to exposed dentins by gingival recession, periodontal therapy or loss of tooth enamel due to toothbrush abrasion, erosion or tooth wear.

Filipinos are not immune to this tooth problem. So how do you deal with it?

There are three possible solutions.

First is to regularly visit your dentist regularly to have your teeth checked. There is no substitute for a professional advice.

Second is to make sure you take care of your teeth and gums by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth.

dental floss
Use floss to make sure that in between teeth are free from food residue. Plus, brushing your teeth using soft bristles help clean your mouth without damaging your teeth.

Third is to use special mouth products like toothpaste and mouthwash.

Hapee Gumtect Sensitive Teeth

As for Lamoiyan, a Philippine company of personal effects, has produced their own answer to dentin hypersensitivity. This gives local consumers another option – the Hapee Gumtect.

Hapee Gumtect Toothpaste helps prevent pain caused by sensitive teeth by protecting the exposed dentin of the teeth. It is equipped with Dynamic Desensitizing System (DDS), which protects the nerves around the teeth to relieve pain; and Triple Gum Formula that promotes healthy gums by stimulating growth, soothing damaged tissues and reducing plaque and tartar build-up.


The Gumtect Sensitive Mouthwash is another especially formulated product to protect gums and relieve users from dentin hypersensitivity.

The Gumtect Sensitive Mouthwash is exclusively available at Mercury Drugstores nationwide at only P136.50 per 250ml bottle.

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