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Headset Audio Giant, Jabra, Introduces New Technology on Wireless Headset

By Posted on 2 m read

With mobile technology in a rapid growth rate, more people want to always be connected to their devices, especially mobile phones and laptops. With the latest products of Jabra, there are now more options for busy people to just focus on their tasks and not mind about communicating.

The two new products recently launched by Jabra are the Jabra Motion and Jabra Speak 510.

Jabra Motion

Jabra Motion is the latest offering of the wireless audio manufacturer giant to their roster of wireless headset devices. Jabra Motion is the “most sophisticated” yet among their headset line of products.

Jabra Motion (4)

With its motion sensor and intelligent microphone technology, Jabra Motion promises to take on expectations of busy professionals to keep them in track of their mobile conversation requirements while doing their jobs at hand.

Jabra Motion automatically adapts to the sound environment and adjusts to ensure the optimal and clear sound of the conversation. So whether the user is on the road, or a toxic, noisy office, Jabra Motion adapts to it for clearer communication.

Jabra Motion can also register movements like when picking up a headset – the call is simultaneously answered. Or when the user starts walking, automatically the headset volume adjusts. Or when the headset is laid down, it automatically turns off and takes a “power nap.”

“The Jabra Motion is one of the first headsets with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology – just tap together your Jabra Motion and your smartphone and it is connection instantaneously.” Said Ralph Ede, Managing Director for South Asia, GN Netcom Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Jabra Motion (2)

Jabra claims that this latest headset has at least 10 times range compared to similar headsets in the market today.

The Jabra Motion is designed to be “ear-friendly”. With its new design – opted for the “behind-the-ear” circular shape; mimicking the back of the ears’ semi-circle shape; making it more pleasant to wear.

This new wireless headset can also be connected via traditional Bluetooth to any of your device with same connectivity, like laptop, music player and smartphone (Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry).

Standard package is at $ 199.99 while a special travel kit pack with inclusive of other add-ons sells at $ 219.99, globally.

Jabra Motion (5)

Availability of Jabra Motion in the Philippines is expected in the coming weeks.

Jabra Speak 510

Another innovation of Jabra is their Bluetooth enabled speakerphone the Jabra Speak 510.

Jabra Speak 510

The Jabra Speak 510 brings conference calling to whole new level. It has a plug-and-play connectivity to PCs and any Bluetooth enabled device for enhanced mobility and freedom.

This device is also capable of being a speaker for your smartphone device when playing music.

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