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“Heart”-warming Pizza by Angel’s

By Posted on 2 m read

Literally, this pizza offers more “heart” than any other pizza, since their marketing style is to serve pizzas in heart-shaped ones.

This Valentine’s you can surprise your date or treat your loveones with a any of their pizza flavors in a dough especially timed for the heart’s day.

I together with GirlandBoyThing, tried two of their famous selections – the “Angel’s Medley” and “Chicken Aloha



The heart-shaped dough was topped with beef, pepperoni, mushroom and mozzarella cheese. Anyone would really love how this one taste. I mean, most people prefer this kind of flavor for their pizzas. The thin crust makes the flavor taste more. You can actually see how the ingredients are fully garnished on top of the pizza, making you feel your money’s worth – not shortchanged.



Barbeque chicken chunks, ham, bacon, pineapple, green pepper, barbeque sauce and mozzarella cheese. I personally prefer this pizza over the former. I mean the Angel’s Medley is good, but the Chiken Aloha is better. Probably because of its unique sweet-spicy taste brought by the barbeque sauce. Something that’s not usual to pizzas. That’s why, if I am to choose between the two, I will take this, anytime. 😉

Sad thing though, we weren’t able to take photos of this one. 🙁

PRICE ranges from 491 to 599 pesos depending on the specific type of pizza flavor you wish to be served.

PROS: Looking at the two pizzas, I noticed that there was less grease, if none at all, from the dough. Now, if you’re somewhat diet conscious but still prefer to have a bite of a pizza, then this might be it. And their doughs are thin as well.

Plus, if you are a little “paranoid” of how your food is being cooked, Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo has an open kitchen setup, right at the back of the counter (Kalayaan Branch) where you can actually see how your pizza is being prepared.

While waiting for our pizza, I observed their staff while taking calls, she was pretty courteous and fast to react on the calls – not wasting time, which is most probably, what any customer / would-be customer prefer over the phone.

CONS: The Kalayaan branch is more for the take-out / delivery type. It’s given already, considering the small space from the building that the pizza house is placed. So, if you wish to dine-in, try their Pasig and Makati branches.

Other than that, Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo is worth trying.

Lastly, I tried their Carrot cake. A nice way to finish-off a meaty-meal like that. 🙂

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