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How Can You Trust A Brand Like Uratex?

By Posted on 3 m read

Flashy ads, fab celebrity endorsements, cool events, are just some of the common things that companies do to make sure we notice the products and brands they try to relay to us consumers.

Often times, they get noticed, but chances are, it only ends there. Trying the product or brand once is the next level, however, patronizing the brand and trusting it, is way another thing.

So how do you trust a brand? Well, here are a few things I learned from the plant tour at Uratex.


All companies bring their best foot forward to consumers. Brands showcase their best for us end-users to see them. Like in Uratex, there is a showroom within the plant, wherein all their products are compiled ready for anyone to see, feel, try and buy.

Uratex 22

Uratex 12


Companies that practice top manufacturing standards are the same companies who often open their gates for the public to see their processes. In Uratex, it is the same thing. They welcomed the online media people to see how each foam, mattress is being processed before it gets to your home.

The same principle that most trusted and popular restaurants do where the kitchen can be seen by any customer, either through clear glass or open kitchen.

Making of Uratex Foam

Transparency is a key thing for anyone to build trust. Same is true to businesses and brands. And this, I personally feel that Uratex, during the tour, gave so much.

Explaining the nitty gritty processes in layman’s term, really made it easy for everyone to absorb. My brain was like a sponge able to sap the liquid of information from them. Lol.

Uratex 5


It is a plus factor to see how the foams are made, before it becomes a mattress. It was such a cool thing to see, how the blue liquid is heated and then turns into a big, heavy block of foam. And later on cut into smaller blocks and turns into what we use as foams.

Uratex 7


What really impressed me in the tour inside Uratex plant, is not the machines and technology. Rather, the people who continually do the research.

For any person to really excel on something, continuous practice and development is needed. Same goes with companies.

Uratex is not only focused on what they have to offer now, but also, on what other improvements they can do to make things better in the future.

I was surprised to know how they develop their products to be at par with the international standards. No wonder, Uratex is able to get international accounts providing quality foams for different industries like automotive, homeware, etc.

Uratex 1

Which brings to mind how Uratex has been in the industry for decades, and I am expecting for decades to come, as they whole company is geared towards excellence in their business and products.

That’s why I get now the point, how they can offer long-term guarantees on their mattresses, showing that they are accountable and responsible for any mattress you purchase from Uratex, because they’re here to stay for the long haul.

Uratex 21

I’ve seen Uratex in our home before. And intuitively bought my Lola her Uratex mattress for her stay here in the Philippines.

The new Uratex Mattress Bought Last July for Lola

As for us, Cristelle and I, who are about to get married soon, the bedroom, particularly the bed, is a priority.

We agreed to really look for a nice, comfy bed. Aside from peace of mind and well air-conditioned room, the bed is the next best thing to assure that sound sleep.

Trying Out Uratex Hamptons

Trying Out Uratex Hamptons

In short, I’ve learned that to build that trust in any brand or product, its not the fancy ads, nor the high-paying celebrity endorsers, but it is the trust you build in the course of time when others you know or you personally, through actual usage.

Aside from that is that knowing the company is serious to stay on top of things, no matter what, making sure that you count on their guarantee.

That’s why I trust Uratex. How about you?

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