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How to Get the Most Out of Your Sleep?

By Posted on 4 m read

I used to find that having four hours of sleep each day is good already a luxury. Those were the days that I was still working in broadcast media when working for almost four to five days before having a short off from work.

And at some point, I believed that my body clock is fit to work that way.

However, after a few years, fatigue, stress and lack of sleep started to take its toll on me. That was when I appreciated every single hour to be added on my sleep.

Little did I know that my “abusive” behaviour of not lying down properly and getting a comfy bed when I was still working can have a big effect on my health. I was young and foolish.

Looking back, I would have not deprived myself of proper sleep and proper resting position in a nice bed. Because there is no replacement for a good night’s rest.

And just recently, in a talk by a sleep specialist during the Uratex event introducing the Kramer family, I was reminded again, of how I am continually depriving myself of its proper rest – SLEEP.


The Top 6 notes to remind myself (and you as well) of how to properly get a good night’s sleep are:

  1. Turn off any artificial source of light within the room. Our body has its natural bio rhythm that follows day-night routine. Day for activities and night for rest.
  2. Stay away from any electronic gadgets or equipment (TV, mobile phone, computer, tablets, etc.) that can keep our attention focus to it two hours before bedtime.
  3. No drinking or taking of caffeine, sweets and carbs a few hours before bedtime.
  4. Keep a clear mind, conscience before sleeping.
  5. Exercise in the morning not in the evening.
  6. Make sure that your mattress, pillows or any beddings are very comfortable for you.

That is why, I tried to recall myself of my attitude and mindset towards sleeping. And as I look back, many things are common for me to have a good night’s sleep – and most of which are within our control.

Old Uratex Mattress

Old Uratex Mattress

There few common factors I remember to have been part of my fruitful sleeping.

  1. I used to have at least 8 hours of sleep.
  2. I was not tensed nor in a rush to accomplish things. I was always in a state of calmness
  3. I used to play basketball in the morning
  4. I did not have so much gadgets (iPhone, Macbook, iPad) beside me before I go to sleep. Plus, there were no social networking sites and unlimited texting. Lol!
  5. I had comfortable mattresses to lay my body into.

I remember that I used to have a Uratex mattress starting my teens (17 years old to be exact). That came with the bed that my parents bought for me. Then, came my early fatherhood, wherein, the same bed is what I used to sleep at together with my son.

I even remember my son jumping over it. It took quite a beating from son, especially when I was at work. But then, it was only in the mid of 2012, when finally, I had to say goodbye to it and hand it down to my cousin.

I switched to airbed, thinking it was a better choice for bed, as far as space, affordability and portability is concerned.

But after only a few days, my back started to tell me I made a wrong choice. So, after sometime, I bought a mattress, and so, it was Uratex again.

Often times we try to think of so many things when it comes to good sleep. As for me, it is just how comfortable the bed is, well ventilated or air conditioned room,

So, as years pass by, it is the same for my family and I to buy Uratex for mattresses. That’s why, when my Lola arrived last July on her short stay here in the Philippines, I bought a firmly comfortable mattress for her. And you guessed it right, it is a Uratex.

The new Uratex Mattress Bought Last July for Lola

The new Uratex Mattress Bought Last July for Lola

That’s why, as my fiancee (Cristelle) and I planned on some things, there are a few priorities that we have to put on top of everything once we get married and live together.

For us, it is an “investment” on our part, without compromise. Here are the priorities according to importance:

  1. Bedroom – bed, air condition, lights
  2. Bathroom – shower, toilet, tub
  3. Kitchen
  4. Entertainment

And for us, after trying for more than 20 minutes of sitting and lying down on one Uratex Hamptons, we are both convinced that as for the comfort and size of the bed, we are pretty much certain that we will be getting the Hamptons next year. It is the best Uratex mattress at the price we can afford so far.

Trying Out Uratex Hamptons

Trying Out Uratex Hamptons

I don’t know about you guys, but, I am pretty much convinced of how much a good night’s sleep affect the outcome of a man’s life in a day.

Just remember this, a great start in the morning starts as soon as having a good night’s sleep in the evening before. And your sleep starts and ends in bed. So, it must be the bed, right?


Hope that helps…

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