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Japanese Fastfood, Tokyo Joe Opens in Cubao

By Posted on 2 m read

If you happen to be in Quezon City and planning on stuffing yourself with Japanese food, there is a new Jap resto in town, Tokyo Joe.

Tokyo Joe is known in the southern part of the country, particularly in Visayas region, where it started. Now, it has set its foot in Metro Manila, opening one of its branches in Metro Manila at Spark Place in Cubao, Quezon City.

According to Joey Garcia, Tokyo Joe started with the thought of providing alternative food for Filipinos in fastfood. Instead of competing against restaurants in a “chicken-rich” industry, they decided to focus more in offering beef to the market.

Tokyo Joe Cubao

That’s why Tokyo Joe‘s flag products are their beef bowls.

And I attended the inauguration of its first branch in Metro Manila, I was able to taste Tokyo Joe’s dishes for the first time.

In fairness, Tokyo Joe’s beef bowls are served with thicker and better meat choices compared to a competing and more popular Japanese fastfoods where beef strips are, I believed, stripped and shredded to the thinnest possible way.

And when I tried it again, weeks after, for takeout, I noticed that Tokyo Joe is consistent in serving meatier beef bowls.

Well, you be the judge and try it for yourself and compare the meat in Tokyo Joe’s beef bowl compared to another restaurant.

Anyway, aside from beef bowls, Tokyo Joe is also offering other known Japanese delicacies like maki, ramen, tempura and more.

Tokyo Joe Joey Garcia

“Tokyo Joe’s domination in the fast food world is not just through its delightful Japanese food but through its exclusive Filipino way of complementing TJ’s main plate, an opportunity that will surely satisfy every customer’s taste and appetite.” said Joey Garcia.

To have an idea of their selections, here is a quick look on their menu.


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