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Keeping up with the Jones’ (Mr. Jones, Greenbelt 5)

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Everyday we find ways to keep up with the latest, whether it is fashion, gadgets, cars, and food. So how do you keep up with what’s hot and hip? Well, as they say, “KEEP UP WITH THE JONES'”.

Well, I literally kept up with the Jones’, particularly, Mr. Jones 🙂


Mr. Jones is a 60’s-inspired restaurant offering American-style dishes. The place is pretty neat. With noticeable red, cushioned seats, highlighting the 60’s theme of the place. Mr. Jones can be a good place for meeting friends, relatives, officemates and even clients. The place is situated at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5.


  • “Grrrreeen Goddess” Cobb Salad (Php 450) – Grilled Chicken, Crispy bacon, toasted almonds, fresh tomato, fresh parmesan, whole baby romaine and Caesar dressing
This is a real treat for vegetarians, and a nice appetizer for foodies. I just wonder though how come this is the most expensive meal, probably because it’s the healthiest. 😉

  • “Truffled Disco”, Beef Gravy & Cheese Fries (Php 395) – Topped with chunky beef smothered with wild mushroom gravy & “fondue” cheese drizzled with truffle oil
I think this one is one of their bestsellers. Seeing almost every table having fries on their tables, I wondered. Then, when I tasted it, well, I need not to wonder why anymore. The tasty combination of the cheese is lovely for any taste bud (I believe). Even without dipping on the gravy, the cheese fries alone taste great already. The stylish “bucket” that goes along with the order makes a good “fashion” statement. 🙂

  • A “Wet” California Big Burrito Platter (Php 395) – Topped with melted cheddar & jack cheese, loaded with carnitas, black beans, Mexican rice, salsa fresca, olives & sour cream served with black beans, Mexican rice & tortilla chips
This one is my personal fave. I love the taste of everything on this plate. The combined taste of spicy, sour and creamy taste of the ingredients all together creates a good twist on my buds. Truly a must-try, especially for people who likes mexican type of dishes. Do not be fooled though, because this meal is quite heavy on the tummy.

  • Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese (Php 375) – Baked with 3 types of macaroni, 4 cheeses, “Canadian style” double smoked bacon baby Portobello mushrooms & green peas drizzled with truffle oil
Another tasty treat. The combo of the cheeses makes this meal quite a delight for the pasta lovers (like me). Again, another heavy meal. The photo may fool you, but there were three of us who shared this plate.

  • Sillzin’ Butter Seafood “Foil Broil” (Php 420) – Prawns, Mussles, Clams & dory wrapped in a foil puch fresh lemon & parsley, served with grilled sourdough
This is a treat for people who likes seafoods. Though I feel that the serving is only good for two only or maybe I just loved the way it was cooked, and had a good time eating lots on the plate. Hahaha!

  • Warm Baked Brownie & a Blondie… So Good! (Php 350) – Served warm with 1 scoop of mantecado & 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream
To end the meal was these desserts – ice creams. Personally, I prefer the mantecado over the chocolate ice cream. The chocolate was too sweet for my taste. But the mantecado was fabulous. The sweetness was right. A good finish for a very ‘creamy’ food selection.

  • Tropical Fruit Punch (Php 120) 

  • Grape Frozen Iced Tea (Php 120)


Mr. Jones’ offer a great tasting set of courses. Plus, the plating is just great. Looking at how the meals were served just makes me feel guilty that I am spoiling the design of the plate if I eat the food. Hehehehe.

The taste of each food that we tried were great. I must admit that I broke my diet plan for that night, since the Mr. Jones’ meals just taste wonderful. Just a reminder that each meal we tried were really good for two to three people.

RATING: 8.5 out of 10

More photos below:

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