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Life Changing Experience for Pharmaton Life Changer’s Challenge Winner Alpabasa

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All of them started with a simple idea – to change other people’s lives. And who would wonder, that many Filipinos have that desire to help others in a more systematic and organized ways.

The Pharmaton Life Changer’s Challenge proved to be a life changing experience for many individuals as 10 out of the many applicants got into the finals. They were presented in the finals event to the judges and the media for a last time to “defend” themselves as the first to win a P 1,000,000 grant from Pharmaton.

Among the groups who were named into the top 10 are: Oras na Para sa Alpabasa, a group of educators who developed a game-based program to teach school children to read in Filipino; another group who aims to better teach K-12 Science to students using indigenous materials; Kiddo+Preneur, a group advocating to get kids interested in business and entrepreneurship; Island Kid, a program aimed at helping make a brighter future for Filipino children through soccer; Red Light District, a group of Singapore-based individuals aiming to help equip Philippine communities to better respond in times of calamities and disasters; The Mush-Keteers, social entrepreneurs who are seeking to build the foundations of a progressive mushroom industry in the Philippines; the Indigenous Cultural Tourism Program in Mindanao, heritage warriors seeking to promote cultural tourism as a tool to alleviate poverty in certain areas in Mindanao; the Passion Wearthy Project, a social enterprise providing livelihood to people with disabilities through handcraft items made from recyclable materials; Silent Beads, a social entrepreneurship brand that creates beads and fashion jewelry from repurposed materials, which can later on be used to grow plants; and Prepper Plus, which endeavors to promote disaster-readiness in the consciousness of every Filipino family through disaster-preparedness education.

Oras na Para sa Alpabasa

Island Kid

The Mush-keteers

Red Light District

Indigenous Cultural Tourism Program

The Passion Wearthy Project

Prepper Plus Go Bags

Silent Beads

Out of the 10, the group of Sholeh Villoria, Noelle Pabiton and Tisha Gonzalez-Cruz of Oras na Para sa Alpabasa, proved to be the most deserving that night to get the one million peso grant from Pharmaton.

The group zeroed in on the importance of helping kindergarten and elementary kids be able to read as fast as they can so that they can learn more and be more in school. At least 1,800 kids per year, in a 30 classroom target, can benefit from the program or 9,000 students in 5 years. The Alpabasa started in 2002, thus, making more than a decade of changing kids’ lives.

Pharmaton Life Changer Challenge Winner Alpabasa

Now, with Pharmaton’s help, the one million peso grant can greatly affect how the group’s game-based reading program can reach out more to kids willing to learn how to read.

Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge:Success in Numbers was conceptualized with the aim of finding passionate Filipinos wanting to create positive change and help them sustain their energy for others and not just for themselves. Pharmaton, with the unique combination of multivitamins, minerals, Ginseng G115 and deanol has provided each life changers mental alertness to fulfill their visions and go beyond themselves.

For more information about Pharmaton Life Changers’ Challenge:Success in Numbers you may visit or you may follow them on their facebook page


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