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Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary Baguio City Tour

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Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary is our first stop in the arranged Baguio Tour package arranged by Azalea Residences during our 4D/3N stay. Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary is located at 25 North Santo Tomas Road, Campo Sioco, Baguio City. 

Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary is actually a “product” of post-disaster efforts of rehabilitation and awareness. It was brought to the attention of the sisters after the devastation of Baguio City (and nearby areas) during the quake in 1990. Hence, the sisters at that time converted the 2.8 hectare property for advocacy on the awareness of people regarding nature.

Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary Baguio

One feature of the place is the Cosmic Journey is a 14-station nature walk showcasing a brief of how Earth has evolved through time. This is a way of Maryknoll sisters before to “awaken” the sense in visitors of how us, humans, are affected, at the same time, responsible of our nature.

The Cosmic Journey features tidbits of information about the evolution of earth with man-made illustrations to best describe trivia scattered in the area.

It only shows a glimpse of human culture and change, particularly the Ifugao tribe.

There is also a hanging bridge just before the trail ends.

I was more fascinated on the project and advocacy they do there building houses made of clay called “Earth House.” There is a demo unit at the end of the journey, just before you head back to the Maryknoll main entrance.

Today, the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary serves as a tourist destination, seminars/convention area, and educational facility focused on ecology.

The entrance fee is Php 50 per head. Cosmic Journey is open from 8:30am to 4pm. Closed every Monday.

Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary
25 North Santo Tomas Road, Campo Sioco, Baguio City
(074) 424 5745

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