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Max’s Restaurant Offers Cooking Party Theme to Kids

By Posted on 2 m read

Thinking of a concept for your kid’s next birthday party? Then why not a cooking party?

Max’s Restaurant teamed up with international reality-cooking show, “Junior MasterChef” franchise to come up with a party specially offered by the local chicken reataurant.


Max’s is offering this cooking-inspired theme to come up with a unique experience for kids and parents.

The Junior MasterChef Party package is designed to give kids a hands-on cooking / baking experience while being in a party.

Max’s provides the kits like apron, wooden spatula, toque, pot holder and even the ingredients and equipments for the kids’ to cook during the party.

Max’s hosted a sample party package with Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition finalist, —– , to demonstrate a quick look at the theme party.


“Kids learn best when they are having fun. With Max’s Junior MasterChef, we did not only infuse fun and learning into a party concept, we also provided the key elements for fun and quality family time. Our vision is to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will forever be etched in the hearts of kids and their families who will celebrate at Max’s,” shared Ghena Austero, Marketing Manager for Functions and Events, Max’s Restaurant.

Like any other kiddie events, the Max’s Junior MasterChef Party customizes their activities for the enjoyment of the kids. From preparation of the raw ingredients, to mixing and up to the cooking – fitted for the kids to learn and to enjoy.


Max's Junior Masterchef Party

What’s more unique about this theme is that kids learn from it, and parents can actually engage and bond with their kids while doing the whole thing.

This is one way in order to offer a real party – not just for guest kids to enjoy, but also for the parents.


A Timeless Tradition

While Max’s Junior MasterChefs enjoy their culinary adventure, Max’s kitchen is bustling with activity all day long. Smiling servers come out with tray after tray of Max’s world-famous fried chicken that is, simply put, ‘sarap-to-the-bones.’

No celebration will be complete without a hefty serving of classic Filipino dishes that perfectly complement Max’s iconic fried chicken. Dishes like Pancit Canton, Kare-Kare and Crispy Pata continue to delight diners, regardless of their age.

At Max’s, food is not the only indulgence. There’s laughter that always resonates in every function room and dining hall. “Max’s is about a timeless tradition that links Filipino families together. We are stewards of the countless stories that we have shared with our guests. Our commitment is to continuesly build the most unforgettable memories for every Filipino who will celebrate at Max’s,” Austero said.

Get inspired with this exciting and exclusive tie-up with Junior MasterChef. Experience the most unforgettable birthday celebration for your little master chef.


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