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Meeting the The Only Two Filipino Contenders in “The Apprentice Asia”

By Posted on 3 m read

I have been a long time fan of the US-hit reality job interview, The Apprentice. where American real-estate billionaire Donald Trump picks from a select few contenders who seek to vie a position to be Trump’s next CEO of his company.

I have always felt like, though, it is a great show, I still find it surreal, since, it is so distant in terms of the setting.

However, recently, a search for the next apprentice of AirAsia’s big boss, Tony Fernandes, who seeks to get his next CEO from Asia.

Two of the final 12 candidates are Filipinos, namely, Jonathan Yambot and Celina Le Neindre.

The two lucky contenders gave local online media a time to tell their experiences on the hit reality show, during an intimate conference at Papa John’s Tomas Morato.

According to Jonathan and Celina, it was hard for them to keep the thing secret. Because for two straight months, they have to be far from family, friends and work.

The Apprentice Asia Filipino Contenders

Jonathan recalled that it was hard not ever explaining the reason why he has to leave office for two months. Good thing, that his superior allowed him to take a two-month leave.

Both Celina and Jonathan said that it was not easy for them to join The Apprentice Asia, since, from day one that they wanted to join, they had to bring out the best of what they have. With series of phone and video interviews, it took months, before the surprising call that they were both short-listed to be at the final 12.

Celina said that it really felt hard, especially that no one is there to boost your morale, especially when needed.

The two did not know each until the last 12 contenders finally met the first time.

Without preempting the end of the first Apprentice Asia, the two explained what they learned in the whole two months with the series.

Jonathan said that is was one of a lifetime experience being with one of Asia’s top honcho. Tony Fernandes, as he explained, was different from Donald Trump, as Jon recalled. To him, Fernandes is more of a sincere boss, and wanted really to teach every one of them, especially during every “legendary” boardroom firing.

Compared to Fernandes, Jon feels that Trump purely does what he does on TV just for ratings purposes. While Fernandes was really there to find his apprentice.

Celina, on the other hand, felt like she learned more about herself in her whole tenure of the series. She said that her years of learning and experience helped her in doing the tasks.

The Apprentice Asia Celina

Both explained that compared to other competitors, they both knew, that each of them is routing for each other. Because for them, it is not just an individual feat, but rather a country’s feat.

Jon even recalled that after episode four, he pinned a Philippine flag onto his collar, so every time a shot at him is made, our flag can be seen.

Celina and Jon, when asked that if they were to do the Apprentice Asia again what would they have done differently, Jon answered that he would have been more aggressive and more eager to try and commit mistakes than not to try at all. As Jon felt that Ton Fernandes would want people who are bolder to try to achieve something, than people who are just too “strategic” to not step up be responsible for their actions.

While Celina said that she would not have any other way in doing it, only that she need to be more composed in dealing with people.

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