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Meralco 6-in-1 Mobile App Helps Consumers in Many Ways

By Posted on 2 m read

Nowadays, many things are being converted to a more compact and mobile counterparts. And even the elctricity-distribution giant, Meralco, gave into the idea.

Meralco recently launched MOVE, MeralcO Virtual Engine App, a 6-in-1 application for mobile devices.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

MOVE is packed applications suitable for any user’s need for information related to Meralco.

App 1: Meralco Office Directory

This app shows the users the nearest Meralco office they can go to depending on the location covered by Meralco services. There is a dropdown menu for the locations where Meralco is currently servicing.


App 2: Meralco Appliance Calculator

A user can calculate the rate of consumption PER APPLIANCE depending on the monthly bill amount. There are a set of common appliances and electrical gadgets and equipments that are normally used in an ideal house.

The user has to set first the monthly bill amount before entering other entries (eg. classification, type, wattage, numbers of hours used and number of weeks used) before pressing calculate.

After which, an estimate on the consumption per hour, per day, per week and per month is used based on the electrical equipment per billing.

The Meralco Appliance Calculator App – gives the users an estimate of how much electricity can electronic appliance consume. Thus, more or less check if users are being billed correctly. At the same timw, check whether there are excesses or anomalies on electric consumptions witihn the premises.


App 3: Bayad Center Directory

Bayad Center locator gives users the nearest bayad center to them for more convenient payment. It does not only list vicinity Bayad Center addresses, but it also shows maps – for easier navigation to a Bayad Center a user would want to locate.


App 4: Power Maintenance Schedule

This app shows a user if there are any scheduled power interruptions and the affected areas of the power maintenance. (During publication time, it was taking so look to load any schedule on my iPad)

App 5: Meralco E-Bill

This gives a user (with existing e-bill username) to log in and see the two immediate previous billing statements of Meralco. This way, if a user has to see any changes to his / her bill, then it is easier to compare and contrast from two immediate billing statements.


App 6: Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas shows practical home / office arrangement for electricity-saving measures. This apps shows illustration of sunlight-friendly design for rooms, making anyone utilize natural light that could reduce electric consumption.



So, if you own any Android or iOS device and resides within the Meralco distribution line, you might as well download this application to help you, your utility-paying family member, or even your business to monitor your consumption, billing and even ease your paying system.

For this app to work, you have to be connected to the Internet (either through WIFI or Data Subscription)


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