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“Miller Time” Means Safer and More Enjoyable Nights Out

By Posted on 2 m read

Partying all night can be a great time. But it is a bummer if you’d find yourself and the rest of your friends not being able to go home properly.

This is why Miller, an international draft beer brand, made a way to make sure that spending the night out with friends in Manila, can never get you “out of place” literally. As Miller ties up with Uber and Rustan’s to push for responsible drinking dubbed as “Safe In The City.”


Safe in the City allows patrons of Miller to enjoy drinking during their nights out and still travel home safely afterwards via an Uber ride.

From July 16 to September 30, new Uber users who buy a Miller 4-pack at select  Rustan’s outlets will be able to redeem a free ride of up to P200 by using a code that can be found inside the Miller pack.


Miller has a history of rave events, electronic music that makes young people enjoy a night full of energy and fun in different locations across the globe. In the Philippines, they launched last May 2015 to make people in the country’s major club joints to experience what Miller has brought in other parts of the world.

Miller’s draft-beer taste, as a result of its being cold filtered instead of pasteurized, has clearly appealed to these youthful cosmopolitans.   As a result, they have been flocking not only to the top nightclubs in the city, but to bars and restaurants as well where Miller is available,  such as The Palace,  Chaos,  Black Market,  XX XX / 20:20, and TIME.

Aside from its series of launches, Miller has also been involved in other events like The Sunday Social at The Pool Club, as sponsor to the very first Road To Ultra: Philippines, or as organizer of the stand-out Miller Music Villa in Puerto Galera during the Malasimbo Festival.

For 2016 to 2017, you can check out Miller’s continued support to
electronic music with a series of events called  “Miller Music…”  happening on the following dates:

  • July 13:  Miller Music Terrace @ Penthouse 8747 with DJs Flex (Ornusa Cadness), Saninja (Sanya Smith), Nix Damn P, and Miller’s own ambassador Mikhail Schemm
  • October 29:  Miller Music Halloween
  • February 2017: Miller Music @ The Sunday Social
  • May 2017: TBA

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