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Miss Philippines Earth Candidates Reveal Secret to Fitter, Sexier Bodies

By Posted on 2 m read

While many people think that “beauty” in a pageant is referred to as just skin deep, the 10 candidates of the Miss Philippines Earth present during the event hosted by mySlim, proved that it takes more than just a pretty face and sexy body to achieve the essence of real beauty.

The 10 early favorites of the pageant capitalized the attention to showcase their beauty, body and brains on who could be the next possible crowned Miss Philippines Earth among them.

Candidates present during the event were:

Miss Manila – Karen Ibasco
Miss Mandaluyong – Marie Sherry Ann Tormes
Miss Marikina – Klaidel Hope Concepcion
Miss Pulilan, Bulacan – Samantha Viktoria Acosta
Miss Tayabas – Lea Audrey Laano
Miss Panglao, Bohol – Catherine Tabaniag
Miss Puerto Princesa City – Sadrine Stoelzaed
Miss New Zealand – Jessica Rose McEwen
Miss Porac, Pampanga – Anne Krishia Antonio
Miss Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental – Danna Rose Sacaoco

Each shared their insights on environment, politics, values, and beauty.

Miss Bohol – Catherine Tabaniag

Though the actual competition takes more than just visible beauty to win, many are still curious of how each contestant prepare themselves in achieving the pageant-ready-body.

Taking cue from questions from the media, each candidate may have said it differently, but all sounded alike as they answer their beauty and body regimen for the competition.

Each Miss Philippines Earth candidate commonly revealed that balance diet, exercise and taking dietary supplements, like mySlim, help them in achieving their desired figure.

Only proves that their slim, sexy bodies are products of discipline, hardwork and dedication.Not an easy feat, that most people think they do, while the candidates walk their way through the stage in pageants.

Miss Mandaluyong – Marie Sherry Ann Tormes

This is where the Miss Earth Pageant and mySlim share a common interest in educating the public a bigger, better picture of change.

Miss Earth uses the pageant as an avenue to advocate awareness on vital environmental issues. The crowned winner, along with the candidates, take a more active role in sharing their thoughts about taking care of the environment using their beauty and talent as medium.

While many think that cutting corners and instant solutions to getting fit is just fine, mySlim promotes that achieving a slender physique does not mean compromising one’s health. That real beauty also means staying healthy, inside out – a balance of brain, spirit and body – all in shape.

mySlim is a combination of potent slimming ingredients: Yerba Mate and L-Carnatine which scientifically proven to boosts weight loss and management. Yerba Mate is a natural fat burner while L-Carnatine boosts metabollism – helping burn more during exercises.

Getting slimmer and maintaining a fitter body are just outcomes of your inner beauty and strength. Those with the disclipine to undergo healthy diet, disciplined workouts, and help of mySlim, anyone who aspires to be fitter can do so, in a healthier fashion.

mySlim is one of the major sponsors of the Miss Philippines Earth 2017 competition. Grand coronation night on July 15, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Check out mySlim official Facebook Page and Miss Philippines Earth page for updates.

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