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More Control on Virtual Reality with Lenovo Vibe K5 Series

By Posted on 3 m read

When everything (almost) seems to be on mobile, why not maximize the full potential of entertaining yourself anytime, anywhere?

Now, Lenovo Mobile adds to their arsenal of mobile entertainment their newest compliment to the Virtual Reality experience, the TheaterMax Technology that comes with the new Lenovo Vibe K5 Series.

Lenovo TheaterMax Experience on the Go

Gone are the days when users need to touch the screen when putting a VR movie on pause. The Lenovo TheaterMax family welcomes a new member with the Lenovo TheaterMax Controller bundled with the Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus and VIBE K5 Note.

The complete Lenovo TheaterMax treatment gives out a super-sized virtual reality viewing experience. Movie buffs can bask in the boundless imagery of moving pictures no matter where they point their VR goggles at. They can use the audio/video mode of the controller to navigate through galleries of 360 photos or videos.

VR games are also now more engaging. Master the art of navigating through the enemy’s lair without being noticed or race to the finish line without having to constantly tap the screen. Hardcore gamers will love the intensity of attacking their opponents with the game mode. Users get to control their way to victory in a multi-player VR game or fast forward to the movie’s plot.

As if things can’t get any better, the Dolby Atmos gives a more in-depth experience through its surround sound technology, making sure no one misses that quotable punch line. Every note and every musical instrument playing the theme music are rendered ultra-clearly, as if the symphony is standing in front of the user.

The Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus and K5 Note, together with the VR glasses and TheaterMax controller.

Uncompromising Camera

The VIBE K5 and the VIBE K5 Plus allow users to capture moments through photos using the 13MP rear camera, making it totally compatible with the photo-sharing site Instagram. Both can also take Full HD videos, so everyone can achieve Snapchat game strong with curated snaps and clear videos.

The VIBE K5 Note’s front camera features a fast autofocus and LED flash that captures precious moments as they happen.

Creating better selfies and videos, the front camera shoots great images and HD videos even in low light.

Multitasking in Speed

The digital world has made it mandatory for everyone to be updated in real-time. As the constant companion of the digital generation, smartphones must be able to keep up. The Lenovo VIBE K5 smartphone series function on Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system for a fast performance.

Multi-tasking is possible due to the Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processors for Lenovo VIBE K5 and Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus, and the Premium 64-bit Helio octa-core processor for the Lenovo VIBE K5 Note.

Users can upload snaps and at the same time download TV series with the LTE-capable feature of the Lenovo VIBE K5 series. With a battery life that can last more than an entire day, these smartphones are essential for people who are always on the go -balancing work and play.

Plus, level up on security. The Lenovo VIBE K5 Note has an advanced security feature which turns the user’s fingerprint into a personalized phone lock. There’s no need to memorize passcodes as users are guaranteed with a password that is undeniably unique.

“Given today’s mobile culture, consumers have the freedom to choose how they want to consume entertainment. With the new Lenovo VIBE K5 series, Filipinos will enjoy a complete cinematic experience with bigger screens, premium audio outputs and blazing fast processors wrapped up in the form these sleek and stylish smartphones. Plus the new Lenovo TheaterMax controller lets users navigate through the screen without direct touch while on the VR mode,” said Dino Romano, Country Manager for Lenovo Smartphone, Philippines.

The Lenovo VIBE K5 Note retails at PH P11,999 in two colors: Platinum Silver and Champagne Gold. It also comes bundled with a VR headset, TheaterMax Controller, Clear Case and Screen Protector.

The Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus retails at PHP 8,999 and comes bundled with a VR headset, TheaterMax Controller, Clear Case and Screen Protector.

The Lenovo VIBE K5 retails at PHP6,999 and comes bundled with a free Screen Protector.

Both the Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus and the VIBE K5 are available in Platinum Silver, Graphite Grey and Champagne Gold.

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