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My Share of Help for the World Habitat Day

By Posted on 4 m read

Fortunate are those who have been reared inside own, decent home.

But not all are like that.

Sad to say that about 1.6 billion people in the world do not have any adequate shelters. In the Philippines we have millions of families living in shanties, under the bridge, riversides, carts and in streets. They are exposed to a lot of danger – both natural and man-made hazards.

It is a good thing though, that aside from the government, concern citizens like in the Habitat for Humanity, are making efforts to provide options for families to have a decent home and about 4 million Filipino families are at the forefront of their project.

Last Saturday, October 4, I, together with other Habitat’s Online Champions contributed our time and effort to help out in the construction of some of the unfinished homes in Habitat Bistekville 1, Payatas, Quezon City. This is part of the pre- World Habitat Day celebration.

Though this is not my first time to volunteer in NGO works, but then, it was my first for Habitat.

We arrived at the place at about 9am. With all the brushes, rollers ready on the table, we all took one of each and head out to the bare houses.

So, equipped with my brush and roller, I hurried to the house that feels needing my “expertise” Lol!

Rey Belen Cristelle Torres Flow Galindez McRichard Paglicawan

Together with Flow Galindez, McRichard Paglicawan and Cristelle Torres, we painted the bare house that is situated first on the first floor of a two-storey housing.

Meanwhile, PBA player Chris Tiu also participated and held a basketball clinic to kids within the community. He and some volunteers thought kids in Habitat Bistekville 1 basic skills in basketball. While other volunteers did medical mission on the side.

The house we were to work own has terracota and light green as color assignment. All of us were excited to work on our “house canvass.” We did not waste any second and hurriedly dipped our tools and started working on our house canvass.

Each stroke was full of hope and excitement.

Excitement for the family who will live here that it will a place for them to stay for good.

Rey Belen Painting Habitat Bistekville

And hope that it will be another great phase in their lives. Probably a start of something really new for them.

I can’t imagine how living in shanties, worst just sleeping over cartons at the sidewalks, could be. And never would I want that to happen to me personally. But even without personal experience, I am certain that the next family who will be living here will be more than grateful to having a decent, secure structure that they can call their home.

No more fears during a wet, windy, stormy night for them. Their child/ren will have a place to play and rest comfortably.

The 25-sqm abode might be small for many. But for the family who will be living there, I am sure, it is like living in a 5-star hotel, compared to their old shelters.

Habitat Online Champions

And having that in mind makes me feel more blessed. I mean, I may not have a mansion, nor am I living in a very luxurious place, but I know how it feels that at the end of the day, I have a secure place to stay. And that is priceless. That is what I know they will soon experience.

A home serves as the first castle, restaurant, amusement park and refuge for a family where they can all bond, make memories and cherish them in their lifetime. Thus a safe and decent home is inevitable for a family.

I am praying that each of the families to have benefited from the Habitat for Humanity efforts can feel blessed as well and hopefully, someday, will pay it forward to others.

Habitat Online Champions

Working with people also believing in the same cause brings more fun into volunteering. As you can see, I am just one of the many people bloggers who volunteered last weekend. I may be posting the photos on my accounts and written this article now, but I will remember that day that I did my small share to helping build a house for a family.

Habitat Online Champions Boodle Fight

Today, first Monday of October, is World Habitat Day. I did my small part last weekend, and will definitely continue doing it.Helping them build their houses is just a start. In my small way in helping Habitat, I am helping people build their lives.

Making a difference does not have to be a big move. One stroke of paint on a house can be a start of a big thing in the lives of others.

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