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New Premium Mattresses Out: Salem Elite Beds

By Posted on 2 m read

Having a good night sleep is one of the few pleasures you should be rewarding yourself.

In essence, this, should actually be one of your top priorities to have in your regular day, as sleeping right and well, will definitely bring great benefits to you.

One factor of having a sound sleep is having the most comfortable mattress you can buy. This is a kind of luxury that you shouldn’t be depriving yourself of.



Salem Elite Bed Collection

Having a great mattress can affect the way you sleep. The quality of your sleep affects your potential the day after you sleep. And so on and so forth.

So, in essence, you get the best bed you can afford.

Salem, one of the most popular mattress grands in the country, introduced a new line of their premium mattresses, named as Salem Elite.

Salem Elite is the company’s latest offering that boasts of high-quality standards. Targetted at the top-tier individuals, the Salem Elite is categorized individually for more specific needs and personalities.


Emery Salem Elite Bed

Salem Elite Emery is the introductory offering in this class. Suited for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, this 1,000-coiled mattress offers good back support plus comfort.

This 10-inch thick Salem Elite is priced on retail starting at P 25,950 (36 x 75) up to P 45,960 (72 x 78).


Genesee Salem Elite Bes

With 1,200 coil count, this 11-inch mattress is designed for the young professionals in mind. The Genesee promises to bring luxury even as they sleep. Tagged for as low as P 33,950 (36 x 75) up to P 57,950 (72 x 78) in retail.


Emperesse Salem Elite Bed

This 12-inch, 1500-coiled mattress makes any owner a star of his or her own bedroom. Designed for celebrities and famous personalities, Emperesse is said to bring sound, comfortable sleep that to be celebrated of. Emperesse is available for P 75,950 (48 x 75) up to P 107,950 (72 x 78).


Royalty Salem Elite Bed

The top of the line among the elite, Royalty boasts of its 1,500 coil count at 14-inch thick mattresses. Best for the top honchos of companies who expect to be rewarded with  the grandest sleep they could have. Royalty mattress is on retail at P 105,950 (48 x 75/78) up to P 147,950 (72 x 75/78).

This latest premium collection from Salem was introduced publicly recently at the SM Megamall Fashion with APO Hiking Society’s Jim Paredes and Angel Jacob as hosts.

Salem Elite Bed

With expected VIPs around, Salem tapped world renowed Filipino Master Couturier, Cary Santiago to come up with four bedroom styling, featuring the Salem Elite Bed collection.

Salem Elite Bed Master Couturier Cary Santiago

The Salem Elite Bed collection is available in all SM Home branches nationwide.

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