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Regine Angeles endorses New Slimming Solution Combined with Whitening – Glutamax Slim

By Posted on 2 m read

With the advancement of science, a beauty and personal care products producer now venture into combined whitening and slimming solution into one.

Glutamax Slim is the latest addition to the brands of manufactured by Ysa Skin Care Corporation. With this addition, Ysa Skin Care Corporation added a new celebrity endorser that they see best fit for the brand.

In last night’s press launch at Libis, Quezon City, Ysa’s top executives introduced to the media actress Regine Angeles to endorse Glutamax Slim.

“Being chosen as endorser is a privilege. Considering that being included in the Ysa family of endorsers, ang gaganda at sexy ng iba. Like Ms. Gretchen Baretto who is synonymous to beauty,” said Regine Angeles.


According to Healthwell Nutraceuticals, Inc.’ President Jose Paulo Legaspi and board director Edward Santos, Glutamax Slim has the newest slimming technology used in the US and Europe called CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

CLA is the active ingredient in Glutamax Slim that they say help burn fats and prevent fats from regaining in the body.

Together with another popular ingredient that helps in fat burning, L-carnitine,  Legaspi and Santos are confident that Glutamax Slim is the next revolutionary supplement for dieting and slimming people who also want to have better complexion.

Regine Tolentino (event host), Regine Angeles (endorser), Paulo Legaspi (President), Edward Santos (Board of Director)

“You will feel lighter because of Glutamax Slim. Both lighter in weight and in skin complexion,” exlaimed by Legaspi.

Glutamax Slim also has reduced glutathione, an anti-oxidant that makes the skin smoother and whither, plus sodium ascorbate for fast absorption of glutathione in the body.


According to Santos, Glutamax Slim is to be taken after meals. The supplement can be taken by anyone wanting to stay in shape and have fairer complexion. But the pill cannot be taken my pregnant women and lactating mothers who are breastfeeding their child/ren.

Santos added that as early as seven (7) days, visible whitening and slimming effects can be noticed.


The product is introduced now on retail at Php 49.75 per capsule or Php 497.50 per box with 10 capsules.


During the event, Ysa President Sheila Nazal together with host Regine Tolentino awarded the winners of their online promo.

While another Ysa endorser, the harpist-singer Noelle Cassandra performed to serenade the night.


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