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One S-TECH-tacular Monday Night (SanDisk)

By Posted on 1 m read

It was TECH overload that night, since a lot of brands showcased their products in a short possible. And though I haven’t had any “real testing” done yet on those products, but the demonstration and brief presentation of product and brand managers gave me a quick peak on the gadgets.


There is nothing much to say about this brand but its durability. I personally experienced using this on my cam, and I must say that I’m very much happy of the performance of their memory stick (FYI, only SanDisk is the other manufacturer of memory stick, apart from Sony, according to the product manager, Peter Villarosa)

Considering the experience I had with SanDisk, it was not anymore a surprise for me that they can elevate their features, with their new Extreme Pro. 

To show more of the “beating” that SanDisk can endure, Mr. Peter soaked the card to water, stomped on it and tried it again on a camera. And, the SanDisk memory card still worked.

Another storage solution that SanDisk promoted during that night was the SanDisk Memory Vault, which is claiming 100 years of retention, durability and reliability.


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