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3 Reasons You Should Go to Nurture Wellness Village

By Posted on 4 m read

How would you spend a holiday or weekend after a busy, tiring week?

You’re answer is as good as mine – a relaxing one.

As for me and fiancee Cristelle Torres of GirlandBoything, we were able to do so last April 30 at Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay.

(Here is Cristelle Torres’ account on her experience at Nurture Wellness Village)

Nurture Wellness Village Tagaytay

Though, how I wished we could have picked another date to do so, since the traffic from Manila took travel for more than five hours. As if we’ve traveled to Baguio already. But, the “long” trip to Nurture Wellness Village was worth it.

We were greeted with a refreshing herbal cold drink – right enough to quench my thirst and my ire over the traffic.

Nurture Wellness Village Welcome Drink

We filled up the guest information sheet and a set of questionnaires about our expectations and preferences during the stay. It includes also the particular treatment we would want and how we would want it to.

As for my massage, I like to it hard and focus more on my legs and back.

After which, we were escorted to our room – “Runong.”

Nurture Wellness Village (131)

The Runong room is more spacious than what I have in mind. With a queen-size bed at the center, two people can move freely across the room. There is also an LED TV, vanity table and chair, cabinet, side lamps and amply spaced comfort room.

It was not too long until we headed out for dinner.



This is one of the many reasons why going to Nurture Wellness Village is worth it. The food served are in their restaurant is sourced from their organic garden which makes it better, as they grow their own food the healthiest possible way for human consumption.

Their restaurant’s food selections are reasonably priced.

Nurture Wellness Village (50)

For dinner, we were served with Roasted Pumpkin Soup (P 120) made of locally harvested pumpkin with nutmeg.

Followed by freshly picked organic vegetables from the village – the Nurture Salad (P 170).

Roasted Pumpkin Soup Nurture Wellness Village

As for our main dish, it was a choice of chicken and beef. Cristelle chose the Caldereta Osso Bucco (P 330) made of beef shank in liver sauce, Batangas’ version of kaldereta.

Nurture Wellness Village (108)

While I chose chicken, the Sinampalukang Manok (P 220) which is like a regular sinampalukan, only this time, the chicken was grilled first and separated from the soup.

Nurture Wellness Village (105)

For breakfast, I had a Western American style selection with bacon, breads and egg plus a Kale Siomai on the side and fruits for dessert.

Nurture Wellness Village (78)

Nurture Wellness Village (73)


The massage is what I was more excited about the whole time, since I had a very tiring week. Not to mention, the long drive it took for us to reach Tagaytay due to traffic. Just imagine how much I needed that massage.

We tried Nurture’s signature “Hilot” on the night of our arrival.

It was about an hour after dinner that we were escorted to the massage room.

Nurture Wellness Village (27)

We were served with ginger tea just before a foot wash – a soothing prelude to an hour of massage.

Nurture Wellness Village (92)

It was an hour of good, soothing massage.

What can I say about it?



I didn’t realize that I fell asleep during the session.

Cristelle even said that I was snoring. Lol!

That only showed how relaxed I was on the massage done on me.

Nurture Wellness Village (94)


Probably, the most obvious reason why it’s worth trying Nurture Wellness Village, the whole environment is just calming.

Nurture Wellness Village (25)

With the tranquility of the place combined with natural sounds is just perfect for anyone who would want to take a break from all the busyness at work or business.

Every corner of the area is just delightful to the eyes. Making you want to just take that camera out and take a shot of yourself or the view and share it to your online friends.

The greenery, spacing and landscaping, in general, is wonderful. Making you feel that everything is natural amidst the man-made structures scattered in the area.

Even you step outside your room, there is a different feeling of comfort seeing all the fine greenery in the area. The combination of wood and traditional Filipino structures can pretty much push you back to lay down and relax.

Each room is equipped with extinguisher for safety without being an eyesore from the design of the village.


If you’re traveling with kids, there are outdoor activities that they can like.

Nurture Wellness Village (89)

Nurture Wellness Village (87)

Also, an educational tour for guests on Nurture Wellness Village’s Farmacy where they house and grow organic vegetables and fruits served in the restaurant and sold in markets.


In short, nothing beats a healthy meal in between a relaxing day with a soothing massage in a very scenic place.

That’s how I describe in few words my experience at Nurture Wellness Village.

Next time, I would definitely would love to try their glamping. I heard from a friend that it is a nice experience.

(Read more about the other things you can do in Nurture Wellness Village)

Nurture Wellness Village (77)

You can make reservations here at Nurture Wellness Village or you can check out more reviews about Nurture Wellness Village.

Nurture Wellness Village is located at Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Cavite, Tagaytay, 4120
Mobile: +63 917 687 8873 +63 918 888 8772
Telephone: +63 2 401 9030 +63 2 710 9786 +63 46 512 6273
Facebook: Nurture Wellness VIllage Facebook
Instagram: @Nurturewellnessvillage
Twitter: @NurtureSpa

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