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Papa John’s Half and Half Pizza, Pastas and Chicken

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For foodies and pasta-pizza-lovers, I am certain that they didn’t miss the chance to try Papa John‘s. I first came across this joint last year with my fiancee and son. Another was during their “Eat-All-You-Can” pizza promo. So, most probably, you have an idea already on my thoughts about their pizzas 😉

But then again, Papa John’s has other surprises and gimmicks up on its sleeves. And of course, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to try what other things they have to offer.

This time around, we tried Papa John‘s at Brick Road, Sta. Lucia Mall.


Papa John’s Pizza in Sta. Lucia Mall is at the back of the mall (formerly TGIF, according to my fiancee). It is a standalone Papa John’s, compared to the common stores you see inside other malls.

So, compared to other Papa John’s store, this one is relatively big, considering that it has two (2) floors.

Papa Johns Pizza (3)

Like any Papa John‘s their interior is still made of the brick concept. Plus, they still have that “open-kitchen” sort-of concept to show people how “transparent” they can be to the way they prepare the customers’ food. In a way, it really is comforting for customers to know that the restaurant their eating is showing the way they prepare the food, that way, they hold themselves more “accountable” right there and then to the customers.

Papa Johns Pizza (1)

Papa Johns Pizza (2)

And though this branch may offer two floors, I somehow felt like that their ground floor is a bit small compared to the SM North branch, though the second would compensate for the lack of space in the ground floor.


What I was able to try is their new “Half and Half” Pizza.

Half and Half” Pizza is Papa John‘s way of offering two flavors of pizza to customers. For customers like me, this is a treat, since I don’t need to buy two separate pizzas just to try a new flavor and still maintain to get my old fave. 🙂

But be reminded that the two flavors need to be on the same pizza sauce base. Say, the two pizza flavors need to be tomato-based or white-sauce based. It can’t be a mix of white and red sauce. Clear?

Anyway, what I tried was their Super Papa combined with Chicken Barbecue

Papa Johns Pizza (7)

Papa Johns Pizza (8)

Undeniably, Papa John’s has one of THE best crusts in the market. What I like the most is that it is not greasy. There is a unique blend to its taste that makes Papa John’s crust tastes good, even without any toppings. The crust alone is really good.

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