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Paradizoo : Getting a Closer Look on Animals, Plants

By Posted on 3 m read

If you’re thinking of a rather educational and nature-based travel, you might want consider going to Paradizoo.

Paradizoo is managed by Zoomanity Group in a 10-hectare property in Mendez, Cavite. It is just minutes away from Tagaytay City.

Paradizoo is just a 2 1/2 to 3 hour – drive from Metro Manila.

The place takes you to an ambience far from the busyness of the metropolis. With all the trees, plants and animals around, plus the cool breeze of Tagaytay, make you feel relaxed.

Paradizoo is a great way to also educate yourself and your kid/s of the wonders of nature.

With the advancement of technology, many people nowadays take less time to appreciate the natural resources and focus their attention to gadgets and TV, especially the kids.

But with a close encounter with animals and plants, like in Paradizoo, people can learn more.

Paradizoo Sheep

In Paradizoo, there are lots of ways to learn. One during the Animal Parade. Numerous animals are showcased in front of people to see. Some animals are trained to do tricks and to amaze the audience.

While on parade, each specie is introduced and given some trivia and facts about the animal.

After which, time is given to touch and mingle shortly with animals. Two of the animals that I really find cute and funny are “Pangs” the dog, and a pig, that I forgot the name of.

Around Paradizoo

Paradizoo tour guides are around to assist tourists on the way around the property. There are attractions within the 10-hectare property.

Each section features animal or plant attractions. There is an area of goats, wherein it is possible for a tourist to experience goat-milking.

Paradizoo Goat Area

Paradizoo Goats

Sadly, I wasn’t able to experience it that time. Well, that’s another reason to go back there.


There are lots of other sections within Paradizoo for vegetation and other wildlife.

They have a “Bahay Kubo” wherein all the plants in the lyrics of the song are planted within the area. You can actually sing-along with the guides on the side of the hut.

Paradizoo Bahay Kubo

Almost every part of the theme park is rich in plants, whether trees, ornamental plants or even vegetables. A good way of showing visitors of the pleasantry of having plants within a place.

The vegetables are organically grown here. That’s why whenever they sell the vegetables as raw plant or together in a meal, guests are assured of its freshness and content.

Paradizoo Vegetables

There is a venue for social gatherings, even for weddings. This makes it literally, a garden wedding. Since, you’re surrounded by rich vegetation and ornaments.

Paradizoo Vegetation

Paradizoo Carriage


Other attractions include a mini honey bee farm, butterfly garden, a pet cemetery and numerous gardens of ornamental and vegetables.

Paradizoo Honey House

Paradizoo Pet Cemetery

They reserve a place where you can put to “rest” your pet, for as long as Paradizoo exists. For a minimum fee of Php 3,500 (and above), depending on the size of the pet.

The butterfly garden is just beside the pet cemetery where you can appreciate the beauty of the butterflies, and its metamorphosis.

Paradizoo offers a variety of Filipino food. But for sure, it will the right spot for your taste. What they offered us is a mix of vegetable and meat. But I wouldn’t forget, the refreshing lemongrass tea right after the tour around.

I definitely enjoyed our lunch there in Paradizoo. Though it was a buffet, I just have to watch my diet. If only I could more, I would. Hahaha!

Paradizoo Lemongrass Tea

Paradizoo Lunch

No one would miss the play area, souvenir store and Paradizoo Cafe. It’s the nearest from the entrance.

Paradizoo Play Area

Paradizoo Cafe

Paradizoo’s entrance fee rate is Php 149 per person. 

  • Note: Children below 3ft are FREE
  • Paradizoo Ticket Child (3ft-4ft)
  • 4ft above is adult rate

Here is a guide going to Paradizoo (and Residence Inn)

Paradizoo Residence Inn Map

In brief, Paradizoo is an ideal place for educational group or family trips. Also, it can be a place for a weekend relaxation with loved ones and friends. Many visitors have their meals ready and just had a picnic under the trees. An old-school way of mingling with friends and relatives.

For more info and reservation, you can go to Zoomanity Group website or contact them at:

Call : (02) 899-9828
     • Text : (0917) 835-1111 (Globe)
     • Fax : (02) 899-9829
     • Email :
It was a good experience being in Paradizoo, especially that I went there with my son Rendell and fiance’ Cristelle of

Paradizoo Belen Trip

So, Paradizoo has been checked and rated by Rey Belen.

Rey Belen Lifestyle Blogger

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