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Pinay Costa Coffee-Lover Sings her Way to London

By Posted on 2 m read

Visiting London would be a memory of a lifetime for many Filipinos. With many of the landmarks filling the minds of many to scratch-off their bucket lists like the Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Abbey Road, Nottlng HIII and others.

Chances are, you’d do all you can just to go there. Good thing for the five finalists who just sang their chances to win their way to London courtesy of Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee’s #SingYourwayToLondon promo is an online singing contest that prompted Filipinos to share their best impression of a British-song.

Originally inspired from vlogger Vince Vandorpe, after he impressed Costa Coffee barista while singing a British classic at the counter, winning a free cup of coffee in the Process. Soon after, Costa Coffee launched a search cailing for aspirants to send in a video of them singing a British song.

“Filipinos are known world over for their gift in music. And Costa’s Londonstyle is all about celebrating talents and craft Hence it was a perfect opportunity to do this and we were thrilled with the response!”says Cindy Poh, Costa Coffee Regional Marketing Manager Southeast Asia and New Markets.

Last Monday October 16, only the five handpicked finalists performed in front of a panel of judges and live audience at Costa Cofee Robinson’s Galleria branch to once-and-for-all pull off their dream trip to London.

The five finalists Pia Alfonso, Maqui Castelo, Inna Valera, Maki Santos, and Jyl Orila poured their hearts out in their performance to impress the judges : social media influencer David Guison, singer-siblings Kiana and Paolo Valenciano.

The criteria for judging included voice and presentation skills, audience response, and adherence to the British theme.

Though the five finalists did their best, in the end, there can only be one to get the big prize from Costa Coffee, and it was Jyl Orila who emerged as the winner of the #SingYourwayToLondon and received an all-expenses paid trip to London.

For more on the #SingYourwayToLondon contest, check out Costa Coffee’s Facebook page https//



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