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Plantronics Unveils New Sets of Bluetooth Headphones

By Posted on 4 m read

How ironic it is that the more advance man’s invention get, the busier we become. No wonder newer gadgets that resolve communication are getting on a new high.

Plantronics,through Banbros Commercial Incorporated, recently launched three more lines of bluetooth headset platforms addressing different usage: for professionals, outfitters and gamers.


The BackBeat Go 3 is targeted at the fitness enthusiast who plan to sweat it out without limitations of wires and restrictions of getting wet.

BackBeat GO 3 technologies and benefits include:
Vivid, high-resolution audio provided by Plantronics custom drivers and proprietary audio codec lets you hear music the way the producer intended, with texture and richness not previously possible from Bluetooth earbuds.

Sweat-proof protection exclusive P2i nano-coating means the music keeps going even in humid conditions, a sprint to make the train, or a light rain.

Convenient charging case (available with some models) gives you up to 13 extra hours of listening – two full back-up charges—from its built-in, rechargeable battery.

Other features include: active noise cancellation, listening time of up to 24 hours, BackBeat FIT, sweat-proof wireless sport headphones

Pricing and Availability
BackBeat GO 3 will be available in three colors—Cobalt Black, Copper Grey, and Granite Black (a Best Buy exclusive)—and will be available at authorized Plantronics retailers in the US in April and available worldwide beginning in May 2016. The SRP for BackBeat GO 3 is PHP 4,699.00 and PHP 6,099.00 with Charge Case


For businessmen and professionals, the Plantronics Voyage 5200 is a small and swift device for busy people always on the go.

Voyager 5200 and Voyager 5200 UC technologies and benefits include:

Easy-access, multi-function button lets you mute a call with a single touch, and allows for quick access to Siri and other smartphone Virtual Personal Assistants when the headset is idle.

Extended Class 1 Bluetooth range lets you control up to two connected smartphones or tablets from up to 98ft/ 30m away.

Responsive smart sensor technology intuitively routes call audio to your phone or headset,
pauses media or rejects an incoming call when removed, and automatically answers calls as you place the headset on your ear.

Spill, splash, and sweat-proof exclusive P2i nano-coating means that your conversation can continue through a light rain, and an untimely spill won’t mean the end of your calls for the day.

Voice commands and audio alerts let you use your voice to answer or ignore calls, and whispered alerts give you the name of incoming callers, update you on battery level, connection status, and more. Activate voice control for smartphone assistants such as Siri with a touch of a button, so you can tap into the power of your phone while working hands-free.

Take charge of your headset with the Plantronics Hub smartphone app for iOS and Android. Manage, customize and control the Voyager 5200 headset from your phone, adjust settings such as Caller ID and Mute Alert, activate Find MyHeadset to locate a misplaced headset, and manage sensor options, voice alert language and more. Business customers can also use Plantronics Manager Pro with Voyager 5200 UC to manage settings and perform remote trouble-shooting when connected through the BT600 USB connector.

Pricing and Availability
Voyager 5200 will be available at authorized Plantronics retailers, etailers, and carriers in the US immediately, and worldwide starting in Jul y2016. SRP for Voyager 5200 is PHP 5,599.00.


For gamers, both professionals and enthusiasts, there is not denying that complete attention to the video and audio is a must to take that optimal gaming experience.

With the new line, RIG 500 takes an ultra-light, super-flexible and incredibly durable frame design.

Vented for maximum breathability and heat dissipation, reducing listening fatigue and pressure, and Isolating for complete immersion, reducing background noise and enabling players to focus.

Additional Features

Personalization: RIG 500 Series customization does not end with fit and the right ear cups for the right environment. Players and teams can personalize their RIG 500 Series headset with team colors, logos, patterns and finishes (such as camo and carbon fiber) at for a truly custom look.

Audio engineered to win: All RIG 500 Series headsets feature 40mm drivers paired with low- frequency resonators for crisp highs and boosted bass. Flip-to-mute booms fitted with noise- canceling microphones provide exceptional voice communication. Gamers can choose the sound they want with editions offering analog stereo or USB Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound with support for 24-bit high-resolution media.

Device compatibility: For competitive players on any platform, the RIG 500 Series works with
PC/Mac, console controllers, smartphones and tablets.

Availability and Pricing

RIG 500 – Stereo gaming headset with flip-to-mute mic boom – PHP 2,795.00 (SRP)
RIG 500HD – Surround sound USB gaming headset – PHP 3,695.00 (SRP)
RIG 500E – E-sports edition surround sound gaming headset with two sets of ear cups (vented and isolating), detachable boom mic, USB adapter and analog stereo cables – PHP 6,995.00 (SRP)

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