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PowerMac Center Brings More Power, Faster to Your Gadgets with Anker

By Posted on 4 m read

Nowadays when many things that we do, we do on mobile (smartphone, laptop, tablet), most of the times we end up asking for so much from our devices that we find ourselves annoyed at our devices lacking the juice to hang on to us.

That’s why we often needed either to bring our chargers or a dependable powerbank.

PowerMac Center now carries Anker, a known provider of support devices and mobile power, giving the market in the Philippines another choice for their mobile power needs.

Anker showcased some of their newest line of products like powerbanks, cables and portable hubs.

Anker boasts of its dependable, secure and fast-charging accessories enough to give your devices the big boost it needs on the go.

Anker Nylon Braided Lighting Cable 

I like iPhone, no doubt. But, what I don’t like is their cable – how it can be so “fragile” that I had to buy 3 times in just a year. Plus, it doesn’t come cheap.

If there were Anker Nylon Braided Lighting Cable back then in the Philippines, I would have not gone through the same “expenditure” on just charging cable.

The Anker Nylon Braided Lightning Cable enables you to sync and charge your iPhone or iPad up to 20% faster compared to other cables. Its premium nylon fabric makes it more durable compared to the regular cable that goes along with an iPhone or iPad unit.

For Php1,150 (which I personally think more practical than buying an original Apple cable), you can be assured of the quality, reliability and speed of charging.

The Anker Nylon Braided Lighting Cable comes in 3 colors: silver, black and gold.

No need to buy those elastic covers for cables (not to mention to hours you spend to wrap it around, Lol).

Anker Powerport 6

The Anker Powerport 6 is a 60-watts 6-port wall charger that lets you charge reliably on multiple devices.

So there is no need to wait for one power outlet to free up just for you to charge your other devices.

Many of us, I am certain, that can relate to this, like for instance, I have five different devices that I need charging, specially when I am out for travel, that’s why I bring a 3-way extension. And just so you know, that extension is not enough.

But with Anker Powerport 6, I am sure many can very much be happy with this device. Plus, you can always have an extra port to share with a friend – not anymore being a wall hugger who is greedy of all the power outlets. Lol

Built with industry grad materials and premium circuitry, it was awarded with the highest energy effficiency rating by the US Department of Energy. It runs 60Watts of power through the 6 ports, enough to charge all you devices in the fast lane.

The Anker Powerport 6 is sold at Php1,950.

Anker PowerCore Powerbank Series 

Like almost everyone who are into smartphones, I never leave without a powerbank with me, specially if I am on a long trips.

Anker has three different powerbanks available now in the Philippines, the PowerCore 10400, PowerCore 15600 and the PowerCore 20100.

As the name suggests, each Anker PowerCore pertains to its maximum stored mAh.

PowerCore 10,400 – Php2,450

The PowerCore 10400 is a matte-finished powerbank that charges up to two (2) devices at a time at full speed and power up to 3amps.

PowerCore 15,600 – Php3,450

The PowerCore 15600 is next on line with more capacity enough to keep your smartphone’s juice for days. It has 4.8A output giving you the opportunity to charge devices at full speed.

PowerCore 20,100 – Php4,450

PowerCore 20100 guarantees the fastest possible charging speed among its contemporaries. having the industry-leading output of 4.8amps, it can charge an iPhone 6 seven(7) times and maybe more on other mobile devices.

What amazes me about the Anker PowerCore is that during a live test, both from empty iPhone 6s, the Anker PowerCore charged the iPhone in blazing speed compared to another brand.

After 20 minutes, the iPhone being charged using the PowerCore is already 30% while the other iPhone using a different brand is still at 6%.

When asked, Anker and PowerMac Center officials said that the Anker has a fast-charging feature which uses PowerIQ technology where it dynamically detects and replicates the charging protocol of the device’s original charger, enabling it to charge at full speed.

The brand also has VoltageBoost features that detect cable resistance and makes up for it with slight increases in voltage.

The Anker PowerCore, at the very least, only changes performance after 1000 cycles. That’s pretty much a lot already. Plus, if ever there is any problem with any Anker unit, they say that outright replacement is given, not repair of the purchased unit.

So, whether you’re into Apple devices or other Android brands, you can have a picture of how the Anker products can help you keep your power on the go.

For more information and updates about Anker and its products, you may visit Anker or you can check out the PowerMac Center nearest to you.

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