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Sodexo Mobile Pass Makes Rewarding, Gifting Easier

By Posted on 2 m read

People nowadays are so hooked into their smart devices, making inevitable to see more things shifting to mobile. We have seen so many things going portable, digital even, like calendar, notes, and even money.

Transacting via internet and sms have been an ongoing trend in the world. Philippines is not far behind. That’s why companies have seen the growth going digital. So is Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines, lnc., a leader in the service voucher industry, known locally for company gift certificates, is introducing their newest innovation in gifting and reward – the Sodexo Mobile Pass.

Ever since we were young, two of the best motivations for us to do things are gifting and rewarding. Same is still true in the corporate world that gifts and rewards being driving factors for better performance. This is what Sodexo is integrating in their businesses with companies – the ease of providing incentives to employees via gift vouchers.

With the Sodexo Mobile Pass, it is easier for companies to reward their employees on a faster rate. Using Sodexo’s propriety platform, companies can easily send electronic gift vouchers in bulk and in different denominations with just a few clicks of the button, as the same time the convenience of not taking a lot of effort in stocking, distribution, and even contacting suppliers of the vouchers.

For the Sodexo Mobile Pass recipients, it is easier also to store. You can receive it in a form of email or SMS. The Sodexo Mobile Pass can use the full amount of the voucher upon showing the email or SMS code instantly.

I tried it personally as I purchase my meal from Kenny Rogers (one of the first merchants participating in Sodexo Mobile Pass). The transaction was fast, same as using your paper bills. 🙂

This is a big plus for companies (for easy management of rewards) and for recipients like me who do not like much of the clutter and handling of paper. Lol.

Plus, of course, nowadays, your smartphone is as important and less to be forgotten like your wallet.

Partner merchants of Sodexo Mobile Pass is growing in numbers. I am expecting that all their partners for the paper Sodexo Gift Voucher will surely join the Mobile Pass very soon.

With the Mobile Pass, everything you need can be delivered and sent directly to employees – even if they are out of office. Customizable denominations for each reward are also assigned depending on your preferences, so companies are free to choose how much they want to give out.

Companies these days always cite efficiency as the key to their success. With the new technologies such as Sodexo Mobile Pass readily available to them, performance and productivity in the workplace can only get better, as employees continue to enjoy and productivity in the workplace endless possibilities with the country s pioneer in mobile rewards distribution.

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